Reinstating the Key of Knowledge 2nd Edition (free download)

Free download Reinstating the Key of Knowledge (2nd Edition) here

If I have missed spelling, punctuation or syntax please realise that a perfect edit is a difficult task but for the sake of the elect and the timing of events beginning to unfold, I cannot be silent and neither withhold any longer. I strongly recommend each and every individual to print, forward, publish, post, re-post this message to at least twelve other individuals fulfilling our great commission. Join Reinstating the Key of Knowledge on Facebook and connect with others who agree with this startling message and become ONE. Responses to questions, critiques, positive feedback or even objections will all be dealt with on the facebook page.

One last note: I am using Evyoni Palaeo font for the Hebrew words and Name, in case you do not have it installed on your system. These fonts can be found on by Jeff A. Benner.

Download the Word 97 – 2003 Document here

Download the PDF document here


6 Replies to “Reinstating the Key of Knowledge 2nd Edition (free download)”

    1. Hi Claudia, it might be due to the fact that you are running an older version of Microsoft Word (perhaps)? I have uploaded another saved copy Word 97-2003, perhaps that will help. PDF could be another alternative, that is, if I can get it to export properly. Hope this may help you, if not, let me know that we can work towards a successful outcome. I pray also that this teaching will be a huge blessing to you and yours, ShLUM.

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