PART 2 _ When does a Day Begin


“And ELaHYM made two great lights: the greater light ( “sun” ) to rule by day and the lesser light ( “moon” ) to rule the night, and the stars.” ( Genesis 1:16 ) and confirms it much later by stating: “Thus said YaHUaH, who gives the sun for a light by day, and the laws of the moon and stars for a light by night, …” ( Yirmeyahu 31: 35 ) If the sun was made to rule over the day, then how can a day begin at evening when the sun is not ruling or measuring? According to the evening view, a day starts in the evening when it becomes dark; whereas in fact it is night! To these refers the verse “they would turn night into day, saying that light is near, in the presence of darkness” ( IYob 17: 12 ) The verse in Yirmeyahu 31: 35 has a greater application than first appears on the surface. It is stating that if the ordinances of “sun” for days and “moon and stars” for nights departs, so will the “seed of YShRaEL” cease from being a nation forever. We have a guarantee from YaHUaH that the seed of Abraham shall never cease, just as the ordinances of the sun for days and the moon and stars for nights shall never cease. However, “the defiled” ones of YShRaEL is trying to “turn night into day” and the “upright ones are astonished at this” ( IYob 17: 8-12 ) since if it were possible it would bring about the total destruction of the House of YShRaEL perhaps the very reason they are in such a pickle right now.

A day starts when it becomes daylight according to Judges 16:2. Night starts when it becomes dark, the time when the animals begin to creep about according to Psalm 104:20. When the day ends, the night begins ( Psalms 104:20 ) where one rest of his labor after a day’s work, an example set by ELaHYM.

According to Exodus 12:6, the Passover lamb was to be killed on the fourteenth day of the first month “in the evening” ( literally, “between the evenings” ). Likewise, the Passover meal was to be eaten on the fourteenth day of the first month “in that night” ( Ex. 12:8 ) “at even” ( Exodus 12:18 ) “That night” clearly is a continuation of “the same day” that preceded it and not the beginning of a new day after which they then had to eat it during the “evening watch” and leave none of it “until morning”. Whereas the following morning is distinguished from the previous night by being designated as “tomorrow”, “in the morrow” or as “the next day” since they had to leave Mitsrayim ( Egypt ) in the morning or morrow after the Passover.

“And they departed from Rameses in the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month; ON THE MORROW AFTER the passover the children of YShRaEL went out with an high hand in the sight of all the Mitsrayim’s.” Numbers 33:3

Some would have us think that following the crucifixion of YaHUShA the legs of the two criminals were broken and they along with Messiah YaHUShA were removed from where they hanged, because the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is considered a High Sabbath was to commence in three hours. This could not be further from the truth! The Passover meal was to be eaten “that night” during the evening watch and none of it left until morning! The High Sabbath, the Feast of Unleavened Bread only commence in the morrow AFTER the Passover! Carefully note:

“And when EVENING HAD COME, because it was the Preparation day, that is, the day BEFORE the Sabbath, Yoseph of Ramathayim, a prominent council member, who was himself waiting for the reign of ELaHYM, came boldly went in to Pilate and asked for the body of YaHUShA” The reference to “when evening had come” is clearly stated to be a time period BEFORE the Sabbath.

Yoseph of Ramathayim preparing the body of YaHUShA for burial during the evening watch following the death of Messiah  which “even” is not designated the Sabbath, but “the Day of Preparation” for the Sabbath, not the weekly Sabbath but the day of Unleavened Bread which were to commence in the morrow! The practice of preparing for the Sabbath the evening before the Sabbath can be traced back to at least the time of Nehemyah ( Nehemyah. 13:15-22 ). Nehemyah forbade the gates of Yerushalayim to remain open to merchants after it had grown dark not because the Sabbath began at evening, but because there should be a due time of preparation the evening before the Sabbath was to begin on the following morning. Yoseph of Ramathayim simply found himself in this period of preparation. Yoseph knew that the body of YaHUShA could not be left hanging overnight according to the Law of ELaHYM ( Deuteronomy 21:22-23 ) which states: “Let his body not remain OVERNIGHT on the tree, for you shall certainly bury him THE SAME DAY …” If one were to leave the body “OVERNIGHT” then you will certainly bury the body in the morrow or morning when another day starts! Thus, he was forced to prepare the body of YaHUShA for burial as quickly as possible in order to still bury him “the same day”!

YaHUShA was in the grave Wednesday NIGHT  ( hence buried the “self same day” ) (1st night ), Thursday NIGHT ( 2nd night ) and Friday NIGHT (3rd night); he was also in the grave ThursDAY ( 1st day  ), FriDAY ( 2nd day ) and Saturday ( 3rd day ) after which the Scriptures then records: “But late IN the Sabbath,( in the late hours of Saturday NIGHT )  as it was dawning into day one of the week, Miryam from Magdala and the other Miryam came to see the tomb.” ( Mattiyahu 28:1 ) By the time they arrived, the tomb was already opened, they arrived “as it was dawning into day” in the morrow, the beginning of the first day of the week what is now known as SunDAY. “And very early on day one of the week, they [ Miryam from Magdala and the other Miryam ] came to the tomb when the sun had risen.” (Marqos 16:2) Question: what is explained to have risen in verse 2? The Sun! Continuing on to verse 9, “and having risen [ the Sun, not the Son ] early on the first day of the week He [ YaHUShA ] appeared first to Miryam from Magdala, from whom He had cast out seven demons” (Marqos 16:9) “But on day one of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and they found the stone rolled away from the tomb.”(Luqas 24:1,2) By the time they arrived, the tomb stone was already rolled away, indicating that YaHUShA had risen from the grave right after the last hour of the “day” ( 18:00 ) on the Sabbath after which He had spend three “days” and three “nights” in the heart of the grave! By the time they arrived “late in the Sabbath” just “as it was dawning into day” or “the first day of the week” ( SunDAY ) the grave was ALREADY OPENED! If these women intended to bring spices in order to anoint YaHUShA’s body as soon after the weekly Sabbath as they could ( Luqas 23:55-56; Marqos 16:1-2), why did they not come Saturday after sunset when according to the evening view the Sabbath would have already ended? Instead the Scripture says, “And when the Sabbath WAS PAST, Miryam from Magdala and Miryam the mother of Ya’aqob and Shelomah bought spices, to go and anoint Him”(Marqos 16:1) “at early dawn”!

Leviticus 23:23 is a verse I have been used to defend my evening to evening view, but now, after re-evaluating the torah and re-examining the verse, I find that it says nothing about the beginning of the day, which is neither mentioned nor implied in the context. This verse is only talking about the Day of Atonement, not every other day. When speaking about this day, the 10th day shall be a Sabbath. Not the weekly Sabbath, but A Sabbath. A Sabbath to afflict ones being from evening (of the 9th ) to evening ( of the 10th ). A “day” I certainly “observe” but a period from “evening to evening” I certainly “afflict” my being! These instructions are for these festivals where they apply! Context, Context, Context! Passover together with Unleavened Bread presents a similar issue. Unleavened bread was eaten on the 14th day of the first month at even, with the rest of the Passover meal (Exodus 12:8) and was to be eaten until the 21st at even. This is parts of 8 days, yet Exodus 12:15 says to eat it for seven days. And rightly so! The unleavened bread that was eaten on the 14th during evening or during “that night” cannot be considered with the seven “DAYS” of unleavened bread, which is not eaten during evening or at night but rather during “DAYS” 15 through 21. “Days” and “nights” are two separate terms. Again, the time segment is about when to begin practicing a certain diet, it says NOTHING about the beginning of the day, which is neither mentioned nor implied in the context of this passage!

Then there is also a heap load of Historical evidence which I will get into on a much later stage! But for now, I am sure I have given you ample proof and more than one witness for you to consider. I pray that this teaching has been and will be a rich blessing to you and your loved ones. Please do share these teachings with others. And may YaHUaH do a mighty work WITHIN you and yours, Shalom!


3 Replies to “PART 2 _ When does a Day Begin”

  1. Very informative information. I need my thirst quenched and my spirit satisfied…Yah, my root is satisfaction guaranteed. Evening to evening appx 9:00pm to 9:00 am was the first day. I stand to become corrected through humility. The earth, created without form and void was darkness, Bereshith 1:2. Light was created after darkness to enhance the dark and become distinguished the light and the light only, vs 3. Then, Elohim DIVIDED the light from darkness. Clearly to me, this is the distinction of division He put in place to emphasize the fact that the first day started when darkness became light. Vs.5, And the evening and the morning were the first day. My only question is, what was the equivalence of morning. Was it a twelve hour span of Solar or Lunar, I must continue study on the subject. I believe in every second, every minute, and every hour, Elohim worked. And on the seventh day, He rested. My conclusion of the first day. Blessings, May Elohim shed light for the Nation…Salvation awaits. Shalom.

  2. You must remember that the scribes have tampered with Yahuah’s word. If you pray for guidance He will show you that a day begins at morning and ends at dusk. Remember in John Yahusha said, “,,, are there not 12 hours in a day.”

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