Picture, as an instance a rabbi (teacher) many people call “Paul” when in fact Messiah referred to this man as Shaul (Acts 26: 14) and in truth we find no Scriptural evidence as to why, when and by whom this change of his name was instigated. To avoid taking sides I have used the form Shaul as per Messiah. Yes, picture this man wearing a tallit (prayer shawl with tzitzits, fringes) as per Messiah (1 Corinthians 11: 1). At the same time contrast that picture of him with the common one: “the apostle Paul” with a Mithraistic (sun-god-worship) “Christian halo” around his head and being called “Saint Paul” and you will catch the misinformed, untaught and unstable contrast all at once!

Many whom are in fact misinformed, would also refer to Kepha as Peter and are very familiar with his words that the UNTAUGHT and UNSTABLE will twist the writings of Shaul to their own destruction, (Kepha Bet [2 Peter] 3:15-16) yet overlook the very words of Kepha who said these are “lawless men” (verse 17). By “lawless”, he did not mean people who were without Roman law. Lawless throughout Scripture refers to being without YaHUaH’s Torah. Kepha was in fact saying that those who twist Shaul’s writings are those who are untaught in the Torah.

After all, the prophet Yshayahu said, “To the Torah and the Prophets! If they do not speak according to this Word [according to the Torah or according to the Prophets] it is because there is no light in them.” (Yshayahu 8:20) So either Shaul was speaking contrary to the Torah – having “no light in him” or we can merely face fact, that he has “uphold the Torah”!(Romans 3:31) So through these teaching we are going to look at some of the very difficult but often technical writings of Shaul, of which he penned much, in hope to bring you to a better understanding.


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