Sha’ul had to sternly warn the Gentiles who had converted at Galatia, and to those at Ephesus AS YONAH HAD IN NINEVEH as it recorded in Ephsiyim 4: 17,18, “So this I say and witness in the Master, that you should NO LONGER WALK AS THE NATIONS WALK, in the futility of their mind, having been DARKENED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING, having been estranged from the life of ELaHYM, BECAUSE OF THE IGNORANCE THAT IS IN THEM, because of the harness of their hearts.” Perhaps this brings clarity why so many believe that Messiah died on Good Friday and then He got up on “Easter” Sunday morning. It only allows a maximum of two nights and one day in the grave. Yet we were given one sign and one sign only of our Saviour’s authenticity, that He will be three days and three nights in the grave, in the heart of the earth! (Matthew 12:38 – 40) And with this “ignorance that is in them”, they associate “Easter” with the resurrection of our Saviour and wishes everyone a “happy Easter”! This reminds me of Acts 7:42 “So ELaHYM turned and gave them up to worship the host of the heaven”.

The Assyrian goddess Ishtar, evidently pronounced by the people of Nineveh as Easter, as is the pronunciation of today, was also known to the Babylonians as Astarte, the “queen of heaven”. She is also known by various other names such as Venus, Semiramis, and Liberty. She was the wife of Nimrod and the mother of Tammuz. Let’s not forget the very reason ELaHYM drove Yahudah (Southern Kingdom) into Babylonian captivity and YShREL (Northern Kingdom) into Assyria. It was because of their idolatry with Easter! Perhaps read the entire chapter 7 of Yermiyahu (Jeremiah). You better choose for yourself THIS DAY, is it going to be the cup of the Master or demons? Passover vs. Easter?

Truly then HAVING OVERLOOKED THESE TIMES OF IGNORANCE, ELaHYM now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has set a day on which He is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man whom He has appointed, having given proof of this to all by raising Him from the dead.” Ma’asei (Acts) 17: 30,31

After the prophet Yirmeyahu had address the YShRELites in chapter 7 he prophesied and said in chapter 16, “O YaHUaH, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in the day of distress the NATIONS shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, SURELY OUR FATHERS HAVE INHERITED LIES, WORTHLESSNESS AND UNPROFITABLE THINGS. Will a man make gods for himself, which are not gods?” (Yirmeyahu 16: 19)

Surely our fathers have inherited lies because we were told by them that Messiah died on “Good Friday” and then He got up on “Easter” Sunday morning (PROVEN TO BE A LIE) but what they fail to mention was that on Good Friday, was when Dagon the Assyrian fish god were worshiped and that Easter Sunday refers to the day in which the Babylonians believed that Nimrod’s wife Semiramis was sent back by the god’s from heaven in a giant egg. The egg landed in the Euphrates River on Easter Sunday morning and the egg broke open and out came Semiramis, REINCARNATED AS EASTER, the bear breasted goddess of fertility, who turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit, in order to proclaim her divinity. This was a recent display by a worldly singer named Lady GaGa when she arrived at the 2011 Grammy awards. This was the very origin of the playboy buddy, and yet this ignorance has been overlooked by thousand upon thousands of people when having a “nice family day” when an Easter bunny and Easter eggs are present. The prophet Yirmeyahu also made reference to this “family day” when he spoke the words of ELaHYM; “The children are gathering wood, the fathers are lighting the fire, and the woman are kneading their dough, TO MAKE CAKES FOR THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and to pour out drink offerings to other mighty ones, to provoke Me.” Yirmeyahu 7: 18 This very same idolatrous worship to the queen of heaven is present in our day and age when millions of people buying and eating HOT CROSS BUNS at “Easter Season”!

We are explicitly told by ELaHYM that we are NOT to learn the way of the heathen, we should NOT learn how the NATIONS serve their mighty ones and do so as though we worship Him the same way and do so unto Him,… He said it is an abominations (Repulsive, Disgusting) Debarim (Deuteronomy) 18:9

YShREL is a nation but is not numbered among the nations. Bemidbar (Numbers) 23:9. It is for this reason that YShREL is rather referred to as a “people” whereas the word nation(s) or the term “beast of the field” are used for those outside of covenant with YaHUaH. The true believer is repeatedly admonished not to learn the way of the Nations (Lev.18:3, Deut. 12:30; 8:9, Yirm. 10:2, Yehez. 11:1; 18:9, Mik. 4:5). And those who were gentiles before they came to conversion are admonished to “no longer walk as the gentiles walk” (1Cor 12:2, Eph. 4:17, Kepha Aleph [1Peter] 4:3). Therefore those who were gentiles, but came to belief, who are grafted in among YShREL (Rom 11:17-24) simply have to unlearn their old gentile ways, and “come to the light” of Tsiyon (Yesh. 60:3) and walk “in the light” of the renewed Yerushalayim (Hazon [Rev.] 21:24). Because Yeshayahu plainly said: “To the Torah and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to (((this))) word, it is because there is no “light” in them.” (Yesh. 8:20) They shall serve YaHUaH, they shall love the Name of YaHUaH, they shall no longer defile the Sabbath, and they shall hold fast to the covenant of YAHUAH (Yesh. 56:6). They shall come to the House of Ya’aqob (Luqas 1:33) to the heavenly Tsiyon, to Yerushalayim, and be taught the Torah, the Word of YaHUaH (Yesh. 2:2-3, Mik. 4:2).

“Truly then HAVING OVERLOOKED THESE TIMES OF IGNORANCE, ELaHYM now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has set a day on which He is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man whom He has appointed, having given proof of this to all by raising Him from the dead.” Ma’asei (Acts) 17: 30,31

What is the future for those who did not repent? For those who stand outside the covenant of YaHUaH? For those who carried on in their EASTER PRACTICES? None at all! Read the following; Yesh. 34:2; 45:17, Yirm. 25:26-33; 30:11; 46:28, Dan. 2:44; 7:27, Amos 9:8, Obad. vv. 15-21, Hagg. 2:22, Hazon 11:15. ONLY YShREL, living true Torah, shall be saved (Yesh. 45:17).


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