The Good News of the Kingdom PART 7

When the true Besorah (Good News) is given, it will be accompanied by the special mention of a certain woman’s deed recorded at Mattyahu (Matthew) 26: 6-13. To fully comprehend why her deed was inseparable from the true Besorah message, is to first get a perfectly clear Scriptural understanding of the actual Besorah (Good News) and then once we have a clear understanding of it, we will then contemplate the things relating and pertaining to her story in hope to have a better understanding of its significance!

The Besorah (Good News) is veiled to most through “another Besorah” (another Good News) called the “Gospel” by the mighty one of this age (2 Cor 4: 3,4). The “Gospel” are being offered instead of the true Besorah. Many are under a delusion (2 Thess 2:11) that the “gospel” refers to the “good news”, when (in truth) its root word doesn’t even come close to being “good”. The word “Gospel” is taken from two separate Celtic words, “God” and “Spell”. Many aren’t even aware that they are under an incantation:

a: A formula used in ritual recitation; a verbal charm or spell.

b: A conventionalized utterance repeated WITHOUT THOUGHT or aptness; a formula: the pious incantations of the administration.

This is evident amongst those who utter words such as Gospel, Saint, Church, Holy, Christian, Jesus, WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT and the so called modern day “gift of tongues” are but a result of this, yet another broad subject for a later discussion. Perhaps see “A Hebrew Torah Perspective on the Renewed Covenant Gift of Tongues” by Avi ben Mordecai.

So “God Spell” are being donated to men who don’t know who (God) or what (spell) is. The Greeks and the Celts refer to their sun deity as God. The Natsarim (BRANCHES) of the true vine (YaHUShA) had NEVER referred to their “mighty one” as “God”. The original Hebrew term which underlines the word “God” in our English translations is either EL (אל), ELaH (אלה), or ELaHYM ( אלהיס ). This word means “mighty one”, strength or awesome one, the root being aleph (א), lamed (ל). What the Natsarim offered was the “Besorah” (Good News), with their ELaHYM called YaHUaH,… “and indeed if our Besorah (Good News) has been VEILED, it has been VEILED in those who are perishing, in whom the mighty one of this age has BLINDED THE MINDS of the unbelieving, so that the ENLIGHTENING of the Besorah (Good News) of the esteem of Messiah (YaHUShA), who is the likeness of ELaHYM (YaHUaH), does not SHINE on them.”2 Cor 4: 3,4

But what does this idiomatic use of the terms “ENLIGHTENING” and “SHINE” mean? Quite obvious when one begin to understand Shaul’s words unto Timotiyos. It was the words from the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings, which he had known from a child, “which are able to make you wise”.

Mishle (Proverbs) 6: 23 states, “For the commandment is a lamp; and the Torah is light…” Yeshayahu 8:20 states, “To the Torah and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Perhaps let us read it again with its idiomatic use of phrase in light of what we had come to learn, “so that the ENLIGHTENING of the Torah of the esteem of Messiah (YaHUShA), who is the likeness of ELaHYM (YaHUaH), does not SHINE on them.” The Torah and Besorah are the same thing!

Mosheh and Messiah, both commanded US (the house of Ya’aqob) a Torah, “an inheritance of the assembly of Ya’aqob”!Debarim (Deuteronomy) 33: 2-4. “And they that sat down at Your feet, RECEIVING YOUR WORDS. Those were the Words of YaHUaH,… the Besorah (Good News) came, “at His right hand – a law of fire for them” and much later again occurred at “Pente-cost”. People could not see the Torah for what it was worth then (“Good News” or “living Words”) and they certainly cannot see it for what it’s worth now (“Good News” as described in Heb. 4:2, or “living words” as described in Acts 7: 38)… “it has been VEILED in those who are perishing” which is why He said, And to whom did He swear that they would not enter into His rest, BUT TO THOSE WHO DID NOT OBEY (Torah).

Now closely consider the words of Sha’ul, “That I might fully carry out the preaching of the Word of YaHUaH, (referring back to Debarim [Deuteronomy] 33: 2-4) the MYSTERY of which has been hidden from the past ages and generations, but has now been manifested IN His set-apart ones TO WHOM YaHUaH willed to make known what is the riches of the esteem of this SECRET among the Gentiles which is: (((Messiah IN YOU))), expectancy of esteem, Whom we announce, WARNING every man and TEACHING every man in all WISDOM (in all Torah), in order to present every man perfect in Messiah YaHUShA…” Col 1: 25-28

Shaul’s reference to Messiah IN YOU indicates that the believer is ENABLED to LOVE the Torah, and thus OBEY the Torah (YaHUaH’s Word), because His “seed” (the living Torah) came into the Nazarenes literally, fulfilling Yermeyahu 31, implementing the New Covenant: “But this is the Covenant which I will make with the house of YShREL after those days’, declares YaHUaH, ‘I will put my (((Torah))) WITHIN THEM, and on their HEART I will write it . . .’” Again, at Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 36: 26,27: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit IN YOU; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put My Spirit IN YOU, and I shall cause you to walk in My laws and guard My right rulings and shall DO them.” Messiah IN YOU is what will “cause you to walk in” His “laws and guard” His “right rulings and shall DO them.” YaHUaH had to remove the stony hearts of the people by giving them His “seed” thus showing them HOW TO walk in His laws and HOW TO guard His right rulings and HOW TO do them. This hopefully might show you that the “SECRET among the Gentiles which is: (((Messiah IN YOU)))” are far greater than most people read on the surface! “Messiah IN YOU” enabling you to DO His will. Tehillim [Psalm] 40:8.

This prophecy is quoted at Ibrim (Hebrews) 10:16, and Qorintiyim Bet (2 Corinthians) 3:3, and it first occurred at “Pente-cost” (the commanded convocation called “Shabuoth”, which commemorates the giving of Torah at Sinai). Receiving the Torah is the “good seed”, the Word of YaHUaH to walk in.

“The MYSTERY of which has been hidden from the past ages and generations” repeated in Romans 16:25 is describing Shemoth (Exodus) 34: 27-35 of which is spoken much later in 2 Cor 4: 3,4.

Messiah said in Marqos 4: 11-12, “To you it has been given to know the SECRET of the REIGN OF ELaHYM, but to those who are OUTSIDE, ALL ARE DONE IN PARABLES, so that “seeing they see but do not perceive, and hearing they hear but do not understand, lest they should turn and their sins be forgiven them.”

We had also come to learn in PART 6, that the Torah is taught in a parable and those who regard the Torah as “strange things”(Hoshea 8:12) do not understand, “lest they should turn and their sins be forgiven them”. Because it is through the Torah that we know what sin is.(Yochanan Aleph [1 John] 3:4) Those OUTSIDE the REIGN OF ELaHYM have a superficial knowing of the SECRET because of their lack of understanding the REIGN OF ELaHYM (see Luqas 1:33). It really doesn’t take much to find the SECRET as it is given in Eph’siyims 3: 4-6 (but in understanding the REIGN OF ELaHYM is the key to fully comprehend the SECRET) in which Sha’ul explains how you are “able to understand” his “insight into the SECRET of Messiah, which was not made known to the sons of men in other generations, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to His set-apart emissaries and prophets: The nations TO BE CO-HEIRS,[in the reign of ELaHYM-Luqas 1:33] UNITED in the same body, and partakers together in the promise in Messiah THROUGH THE BESORAH (GOOD NEWS)”.

This SECRET will also be ended at a specific time explained in Revelation 10: 7 which are also given as a marker (road sign) for the set apart ones. But it is not “until the completeness of the nations has come in” under the “house of Ya’aqob”(See Romans 11:25) in which Sha’ul states, “I do not wish you to be IGNORANT of this SECRET”.

Scripture (a defense for itself) will show you those who are, in fact both “IGNORANT of this SECRET” as well as those who are “OUTSIDE THE REIGN OF ELaHYM”. A Scriptural Quiz seems appropriate to find the answer!

First question:

The Renewed Covenant was made with A: Christians, B: Jews, C: Christians and Jews, D: “house of YShREL and the house of Yahudah”, E: Catholics?

Answer: Yermiyahu (Jeremiah) 31:31 & Ibrim (Hebrews) 8:8

Second question:

Messiah will only reign over A: Christians, B: Born Again Christians, C: Catholics, D: “house of Ya’aqob”, E: the church?

Answer: Luqas (Luke) 1: 33, Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 14: 1 and Obadyah (Obadiah) 1: 17.

Third and final Question:

Who DO in fact keep the sign of the Eternal Covenant? Is it A: Christians, B: Catholics, C: Church attendees, D: house of Ya’aqob, E: Mormons?

Answer: Yshayahu (Isaiah) 56:4-8; Yehezqel 20:12; Shemoth [Exodus] 31:12-17; Bereshith [Genesis] 2:2; Ibrim [Hebrews] 4)

I guess you now begin to understand what a great struggle the Set Apart ones have, as did Shaul when he stated, “For I wish you to know what a great struggle I have for those in Laodikeia, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh, in order that their hearts might be encouraged, being knit together in love, and to ALL the riches of the ENTIRE confirmation of UNDERSTANDING, TO A TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SECRET OF ELaHYM…”

The struggle isn’t only for those in Laodikeia but to ALL who stumble in great darkness, who is making ridiculous assumptions (that are false) without a TRUE knowledge of the SECRET OF ELaHYM. And it is through these teachings “precept upon precept”(Yshayahu 28:9-10) we hope that “their hearts might be encouraged”… that they may come to the “entire confirmation of UNDERSTANDING…”! Had all your answers been “D”, then I guess it’s time to praise YaHUaH, and move to the entire confirmation of UNDERSTANDING (((WHY))) Messiah said what He said about this woman’s deed recorded at Mattyahu (Matthew) 26: 6-13, Marqos 14: 3-9, Yochanan 12: 2-9. But it was not until Luqas gave us a more detailed and somewhat different perspective on the actual event itself, before we could more fully comprehend why her deed was inseparable from the true Besorah message. So let us closely look at what actually transpired and compare it with Debarim (Deuteronomy) 33: 2-4 when the true Besorah was given.

Martha’s sister Miryamsat at the feet of YaHUShA and heard His word and it is also recorded that she “has chosen the good portion” appose to Martha who had been distracted to hear His word. Luqas 10: 38-42

Now closely examine the word interchange between Martha and Messiah; and Martha said, “Master, are you not CONCERNED that my sister has left me to serve alone? Speak to her then, to help me.” Yet Messiah’s answer was, “you are worried and CONCERNED about many matters, but one [matter] only is necessary,…” and that I believe is to “sat down at His feet, RECEIVING HIS WORDS,” – a law of fire for us,… “an inheritance of the assembly of Ya’aqob,” and that I believe is why Messiah said it “shall not be taken away from her [Miryam]because it is her, AND ALL who readily receive its, inheritance!

I pray that this teaching series has been and will be a rich blessing to you and your loved ones. Please do share these teachings with others. And may YaHUaH do a mighty work within you and yours, Shalom!


2 Replies to “The Good News of the Kingdom PART 7”

  1. Shalom Brother Charl,
    These writings are so very good and pleasant to our spirits. We thank and praise Elohim for you and your listening to His voice to produce these timely statements of truth. These words administer to our spirits, teach us, remind us, bring clarity, and comfort. We pray that they are reaching many, and you are always strengthened in His Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love. May the Spirit of Almighty El abound in growth within you!

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