YaHUaH or YaHuWaH?

Have you notice that I spell the Name of the Father Y-aHU-aH and not Y-aH-uW-aH? But some may say I forget the whole basic principal from where we get the “W”(double-U) as it is taken from the [ ו ] “Wav” which immediately should show you a “W”(double-U) as in the tetragrammation (YHWH). What they don’t realise is that Modern Hebrew concordances has moved away from its original “Uau” and start to write it “Wav”. The letter “W” originated many years after the DOUBLE-U (Uau). Furthermore, the “Wav” was never given to PRONOUNCE the “W” sound but the “DOUBLE-U” as “OO” even though we NEVER write it “OO” but “U” as in halleUyah! Not hallelOOyah and most definitely NOT adding an extra consonant “W” to its pronunciation as in halleluWyah!

If we closely examine the palaeo Hebrew letters (in the picture above) above the Modern Hebrew letters you will immediately see the Hebrew shape Y which the Greeks called Upsilon but the Latin dropped its stem, and became V but still carried on the sound DOUBLE-U (“oo”) as in “School” or the Hebrew שול (SHUL) [Sh]ש [U]ו [L]ל

The Tetragrammation is therefore more accurately rendered as YHUH, standing for the 4 letters Yod, Hay, Uau, Hay.

Those in favour with the spelling YaHuWaH had try and debate the fact that if you take the “W” out and replace it with the Dalet ( ך ) the “D” sound you have YaHuDaH, BUT CAREFULLY NOTE: you have to then also take the “u” with the “W” AS WHEN you take the [ ה ] “Hay” away, you need to take both the “a” and the “H” together as “aH”! The same rule applies with the [ ו ] “Wav”! If you say there are a “u” and a “W” together “uW” in order to make that Wav, you then need to remove them both at the same time and you cannot do that as the Dalet ( ך ) has never replaced half the “Wav” [uW] and neither has it replace the “Wav” at all. The Dalet was only added next to the “Uau”. In favour with the spelling of “uW” then the name of the Southern Kingdom should read [Y]י [aH]ה [uW]ו [D]ך [aH]ה as in YaHuWDaH and this is not proper transliteration or pronunciation as appose to the accurate transliteration or pronunciation YaHUDaH! We need only remove the Dalet ( ך ) the “D” sound which means a door, hence Messiah said, “salvation is through the tribe of YaHUDaH (YaHchanan (John) 4: 22) to have the name of the Creator which is YaHUaH.

The same rule apply with all the prophets, take the prophet YShAYaHU for example; it’s NOT  YShAYaHuW

but rather ( ישעיהו ) as in [Y]י [Sh]ש [A]ע [Y]י [aH]ה [U]ו

Most Christian teachers had always look at the prophet YShAYaHU who they refer to as Isaiah and said, the meaning of His name is “Salvation God” and not be able to explain how they get to that conclusion. Perhaps I could bring more light to the subject. “YASHA” (meaning deliverance) and YaHU is the one giving you deliverance!

“God” is nothing but a SUBSTITUTED word in place of accurate translation and/or transliteration. For example: Messiah’s dying words in the Greek say, “ELi, ELi, lama sabachthani” commonly known as “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me” literally translated as “My EL, My EL, why have you forsaken me” but more accurately as “My AL, My AL, why have you forsaken me” . These are for Aramaic words “ELi, ELi, lama sabachthani” that are found in a Greek translation. Even the Aramaic made a direct connotation to the HebraicAL”, “ALaH”, or “ALaHYM” – not “God”. It is only the modern English translations whom have departed from the original “AL”.

EmanuAL is commonly understood to mean, “God with us”, but we can easily spot the error when understand just a few basic principles.

ALiYaHU whom they refer to as Elijah is commonly understood to mean “the Lord is my God” – again not realizing that the first part “AL” is taken from ALaHYM ( אלהיס ) as in

[A]א [L]ל [aH]ה [Y]י [M]ס

and literally means “my AL is YaHU” or “my ALaHYM is YaHU” a direct connotation to the Name of the Father. “God” have been used in the past to refer to Pagan deity and is merely a title – not a name. Here is a list of names with their meaning that contain the Name YaHU.

AchazYAHU “YAHU has Seized”

AchiYAHU “Brother of YAHU”

AdoniYAHU “Master of YAHU”

AdaYAHU “YAHU is Adorned”

AmarYAHU “YAHU has Said”

AtsalYAHU “Strength of YAHU”

AzanYAHU “YAHU has Reserved”

BaqbukYAHU “Heard by YAHU”

BenaYAHU “YAHU has Built”

ChananYAHU “YAHU has Favored”

ChizqiYAHU “Portion of YAHU”

DelaYAHU “YAHU has Delivered”


GedalYAHU “YAHU is Great”

GemarYAHU “YAHU has Perfected”

KenahYAHU “YAHU has Planted”

KonYAHU “YAHU will Establish”

KownanYAHU “YAHU has Sustained”

Ma’azYAHU “Rescue of YAHU”

MalikiYAHU “YAHU is King”

MattanYAHU “Gift of YAHU”

MattithYAHU “Gift of YAHU”

MeshalemYAHU “Ally of YAHU”

MiqneYAHU “Possession of YAHU”

Miyka YAHU “Who is like YAHU”

NathanYAHU “Gift of YAHU”

NehemYAHU “Comfort of YAHU”

ObadYAHU “Serving YAHU”

SemakYAHU “Supported of YAHU”

TebalYAHU “YAHU has Dipped”

TowbiYAHU “Goodness of YAHU”

TsephanYAHU “YAHU has Secreted”

UwriYAHU “Flame of YAHU”

UzziYAHU “Strength of YAHU”

Ya’azanYAHU “Heard of YAHU”

YeberekYAHU “Blessed of YAHU”

YechdiYAHU “Unity of YAHU”

YekonYAHU “YAHU will Establish”

YigdalYAHU “Magnified of YAHU”

Yish’shiYAHU “YAHU will Hear”

YoshiYAHU “YAHU will Lend”

ZebadYAHU “YAHU has Given”

ZekarYAHU “YAHU has Remembered”

ZerachYAHU “YAHU has Risen!”

Shalom and remember always, “The WISE will hear, and will increase learning;” (Mishle [Proverbs] 1: 5) However, “foolish despise wisdom and instruction” (verse 7) at this point the WISE have extra oil for keeping their lamps lit which the fools don’t have. The Ruach HaKodesh WAS able (before the midnight point Matt 25: 1-14) to teach the ‘WISE’ something their ‘foolish’ peers were unwilling to be taught. It is this issue that divides the ‘Wise Virgins’ from the ‘Foolish’ so only the wise will go into the wedding! The SPECIFIC issue is that the Ruach HaKodesh brings to the virgins (“in a time of distress”Yirmeyahu 16: 19-21) something of importance. Researching Scriptures for an explanation, knowing the Scriptures is its own expositor; We can find a fitting answer in Scripture;

“For fragrance your oils are good. YOUR NAME IS OIL POURED FORTH, therefore the young woman love you.” Shir haShirim (Songs of Songs) 1: 3

“Because he cleaves to Me in love, therefore I deliver him; I set him on high, BECAUSE HE HAS KNOWN MY NAME!” Tehillem (Psalm) 91: 14


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