Christianity PART 3

We had come to learn that our faith was NEVER labelled “Christianity”! You had better come to the faith of YShREL (Hazon [Revelation] 21:12) or you will remain outside and be labelled a “dog”(Hazon [Revelations] 22:15) can’t have it both ways! There’s no room or any gates set aside for the “Church” or her MANY “daughter harlots”(“churches”/”denominations”) who label themselves as “Christians”! Allow me to explain how “the earth were made drunk with the wine of her whoring” Hazon [Revelations] 18:23 and how we ended up with a “Nicolaitanes” hierarchical ruling class and their many SUBSTITUTE words in place of accurate translations!

The Romans who worshiped their CHRESTOS MITHRAS, “good Mithras” had seized complete control over Yerushalayim shortly after the destruction of the Temple and established a “Nicolaitanes” hierarchical ruling class with “Bishop’s” who were in due submission to the sovereign. Strongly influenced by the Greeks with their skilfully crafted reasoning (over many centuries) in their synagogues (house of study) yet fractured with many different religious systems. Shaken by the Natsarim (BRANCHES) of the true vine (YaHUShA) whom have caused quite a “commotion”(Ma’asei [Acts] 19: 23-41). And slowly the Roman Empire had become brittle from within, due to the many different cultures, festivals, names, terms and beliefs. But it was not until Constantine I, who sought to invent a religion that would appeal to everyone, thus bringing peace!

Even years before Constantine came to the scene, it is written from both Sha’ul and Yahudah that there was ALREADY a group of people, WHO HAD SNEAKED INTO THE FIRST CENTURY FAITH, (Galatiyim [Galations] 1: 6-7; Yahudah (Jude) 1: 4) People who were certainly not interested IN the faith of YShREL but more interested to learn ABOUT the faith and its observances in order to skilfully blend it with their own Pagan beliefs. As strongly as the NATSARIM proclaimed and believed in their “anointed one” (Meshiach, Messiah) there were those who proclaimed and believed in their CHRESTOS MITHRAS “good Mithras”, who had compared their Mithras with that of Messiah. Over time their Chrestos, Christos, Christ, Cretin, Christian, seminaries begun under the hierarchical ruling class who controlled all teachings with their “Bishops” and soon after that emerge a “Christian” School named the Catechetical School of Alexandria”, in Egypt, a place considered to be the repository of all human knowledge (Research the “Alexandrian Library”). IN CONTRAST TO THEM,  we hold to no Roman, Egyptian or Greek influences, but rather continually expose the traditions inherited from those origins.

When the Emperor Hadrian wrote from Alexandria in Egypt, he said:

“Those who worship Serapis are Christians and those who call themselves bishops of Christ are vowed to Serapis”.

The one verse most cling to in defence of the term “Christian” is found in Ma’asei (Acts) 11:26: “And at first in Antioch the taught ones were called Kristianous.”  This is the order of this sentence in the Greek.   This sentence doesn’t claim that the disciples called themselves this, but were called this “at first”.   Also, as with the English language, the context determines what is meant.   If this meant they were mistaken (at first) for the Pagan believers in Serapis, that’s one thing;  or this could have been simply the Greek translation distorting the original Hebrew word.

So there were those of the NATSARIM (BRANCHES) of the true vine (YaHUShA) and then there were Christians of the Greco-Roman culture who referred to the NATSARIM in their writings as “heretics”! So by the time Constantine I made his appearance and declared a new Church state religion based on Christianity he was NOT associating himself with the Hebrew Messiah YaHUShA and the faith of YShREL as formerly announced unto us, quite the opposite in fact! And through their skilfully crafted reasoning based on their “Nicolaitanes” hierarchical ruling class, they have introduced ANOTHER YaHUShA, ANOTHER Spirit and ANOTHER Besorah (Good News) Qorintiyim Bet (2 Corinthians) 11: 4

We just have to admit that the faith which was once delivered unto the set apart people had been eroded by the end of the first century! The very reason Sha’ul referred to it as the “great apostasy”! Now is the time to RETURN to the Covenant, and repair the breach (Yeshayahu 58: 12)!


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