Who is taking possession of the gracious gift of inheritance?

Why is it so important to stress that “there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved”?Ma’asei (Acts) 4:12

To understand the underlying principle is to understand the “covenant of promise”. The covenant of promise was the agreements made between YaHUaH and Avraham, later reaffirmed and expanded upon with Yitshaq (Isaac), Ya’aqob (Jacob), >>>Tehillim (Psalms) 105:6-11; Dibre haYamim Aleph (1 Chronicles) 16:14-18<<< and King Dawid (David). >>>Bereshith (Genesis) 12:1-3; 7; 13:14-17; 15:1-11,17-21; 17:1-10; 18:16-19; 21:9-13; 22:15-18; 25:5; 26:1-5; 27:28-29; 28:1-4,13-15; 32:25-32; 35:9-12; 48:1-22; Tehillim (Psalms) 18:50; 89:3-51; 105:8-11; 132:1-18; Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 37:24-28<<<

The conditions of these covenants will be fulfilled, not because of any righteousness found in man, but because of the honor of YaHUaH’s Name attached to them.

YaHUaH promised Avraham and his seed, that they would ‘inherit’ the land of Kanaan, (Bereshith (Genesis) 15: 7) a region defined as “from the river of Mizraim (Egypt) to the great river, the river Pereth (Euphrates),” as an “ETERNAL POSSESSION”. >>>Bereshith (Genesis) 12: 7; 13:14-17; 15:1-11, 17-21; 17:1-10; Debarim (Deuteronomy) 1:7-8<<<

Neither Avraham nor anyone else, as the book of Hebrews confirms, (Ib’rim (Hebrews) 11:1-40, esspecially noting verse 13) has yet received any eternal promises. Since the dead cannot possess or inherit anything, a burden/task now falls upon YaHUaH. In order to fulfill His oath and thereby uphold the honour of His Set-Apart Name which is attached to the promise, YaHUaH must bring Avraham and his seed back to life and give them the land as an eternal possession. Herein lie the promises of the resurrection and eternal life which were spoken by Sha’ul in 1 Corinthians 15. To inherit a land eternally, one who is dead must first return to the living (i.e. resurrected) and then must live forever (i.e. eternal life) in order to possess the land FOREVER. Now we come to the heart of the matter. YaHUaH has attached HIS NAME BY AN OATH to the promises of an eternal inheritance of land (see Ibrim [Hebrews] 6: 17), THEREBY providing those who receive His inheritance a passageway to eternal life, “which we have as an anchor of life”(Ibrim [Hebrews] 6: 19) Although those desiring to attain this inheritance do their utmost (Luqas 13: 24) to keep YaHUaH’s commandments, Laws, teachings, and doctrines, they are by nature creatures that sin i.e. transgressing Torah. (Yohanan Aleph (1 John) 3:4) And it is said that “the soul that sins [transgressing Torah] shall die.” (Yehezqel [Ezekiel] 18:20) Our sin [violation of the Torah] separates us from ELaHYM (Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 59:2) This separation has left us with a dilemma, because both the promises made to Abraham and the covenant of law attached thereto at Mount Sinai required that we abide by the commandments of YaHUaH, to obey His voice.

After Avraham died Yitshaq (Isaac) was told that the promises given to Avraham would be granted “because Avraham listen to My (YaHUaH’s) voice AND OBEYED My charge, My commandments and My laws” see Bereshith (Genesis) 26:5 The covenant made by Mount Sinai required that the YShRELites “completely listen” to the voice of the angel YaHUaH (Shemoth [Exodus] 23:20-27) and keep ALL the commandments, and statutes, and judgements made in the agreement before they could receive the inheritance of the land of Kanaan. For the Covenant of Law (see Shemoth (Exodus) 20:1-23,33) for the agreement to abide by the law (see Shemoth (Exodus) 24:1-8)

However no man, except the Messiah YaHUShA Himself, has lived up to the task. Romiyim 4:15; 3:23, notes, “for all have sinned [transgressing Torah] and come short of the glory of YaHUaH…” Man’s sinful nature [transgressing Torah], therefore, prevents him from qualifying as an heir. Therefore not capable of receiving the inheritance. And Sha’ul who said, “although we speak in this way, beloved, we are persuaded, concerning you, OF BETTER MATTERS WHICH POSSESS DELIVERANCE”, and these “matters” he explains in the following verses by saying “for ElaHYM is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love WHICH YOU HAVE SHOWN TOWARDS HIS NAME, in that you have attended to the set-apart ones, and still attend. And we desire that each one of you show the same eagerness, to the entire CONFIRMATION OF EXPECTATION until the end, in order that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who THROUGH BELIEF AND PATIENCE INHERITED THE PROMISES.”(see Ibrim [Hebrews] 6: 10-12)

YaHUShA the Messiah alone met the requirements and qualified to receive the eternal inheritance. The dilemma is then solved, when those seeking eternal life have their sins pardoned by the resurrected YaHUShA who has now INHERITED the Name YaHUaH. “But as many as RECIEVED HIM, to them He gave the authority to become children of ELaHYM, TO THOSE BELIEVING IN HIS NAME”Yohanan (John) 1: 12 – THE NAME YaHUaH!

This sacred mystery has been verified in the book of  Hazon (Revelations) 3: 12-13 He has INHERITED THE NAME OF THE FATHER YaHUaH! Let us read,..; Messiah  speak and He says,

“He who overcomes, I shall make him a supporting post in the Dwelling Place OF MY ELaHYM and he shall by no means go out. And I shall write on him THE NAME OF MY ELaHYM and THE NAME OF THE CITY OF MY ELaHYM, the renewed Yerushalayim, which comes down out of the heaven FROM MY ELaHYM, AND MY (((RENEWED))) NAME.” Many people regard the earthly name of Messiah (YaHUShA) as that INHERITED NAME but note the above words! Messiah’s Father, (His ELaHYM YaHUaH) has never been called YaHUShA and Daniel 9: 18 and 19 confirms even further that the “CITY OF MY ELaHYM” is called YaHUaH! And that is the RENEWED NAME OF MESSIAH!

This pardon allows one to receive a portion or joint share of the inheritance as a favour and gift. The grounds for granting forgiveness, rest with the fact that the person making the request has repented (repented that you were a transgressor of the Torah (law), not following Torah(law)! And if you repent from transgressing the Torah(law), that means you need to follow the Torah(law) and departed from your transgressions (against Torah). You then pleads pardon on the basis that YaHUaH will fulfill His promise to give the eternal inheritance to His people because He has sworn to do so by His Set-Apart (Sacred) Name YaHUaH. The Name YaHUShA has INHERITED,… THEREFORE the prophets in Scripture, (the ones we are to imitate, see Ibrim (Hebrews) 3:1; 13:7, 17) for example, constantly make appeals for YaHUaH to save them, not because of anything they did, but for YaHUaH’s Name’s sake! YaHUaH grants a pardon out of mercy, as a man who is owed money can forgive a debtor who pleads for relief. Those trusting in YaHUaH are convinced He will keep His promise He confirmed by an oath(see Ibrim [Hebrews] 6: 17). They trust in YaHUaH’s words because they know He will protect the honour of His GOOD NAME. As 1 Samu’el states:

“For YaHUaH will not abandon His people BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT NAME; for YaHUaH resolves to make you a people for Himself.”Shemu’el Aleph (1 Samuel) 12: 22

Yet to expect pardon for one’s sins on the basis that YaHUaH has attached His Name to the covenant agreement demands that the one making the appeal knows that Name (Tehillem (Psalm) 91: 14). Further, it is clear that when one seeks a pardon and a share in the inheritance, one must make his request by calling upon the one whose name is attached! He must ask Him personally! The request therefore, can only be properly made by using the Set-Apart Name (((יהוה))) the ONLY name attached to the covenant of promise. He made it clear that He will save those who call on His Name. For example see Tehillim (Psalms) 18:1-6; 80:18; 91:14-16; 99:6; 105:1-3; 116:4,13,17; Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 12:3-5; Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) 33:2-3; Tsephanyah (Zephaniah) 3:8-13; Yo’el (Joel) 2:32

YAHUAH is the only name in the entirety of the scriptures said to be sacred (Not even the earthly name of Messiah). For example see, Tehillim (Psalms) 33:21; 103:1; 105:3; 106:47; 145:21; Luqas 1:49; 11:2 In the Psalms for example we read, “They shall thank your great and fearful name, it is sacred.”(Tehillim 99:3; 111:9) Yeshayahu refers to YaHUaH as “the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity, and His name is sacred.”(Yeshayahu 57:15) When the Messiah taught His disciples to pray, the opening line acknowledges, Our Father who is in heaven, sacred be THY name”. Neither is this merely an opinion of men, YaHUaH Himself refers to it as, “My sacred name”(Lev 22:2,32; Ezek 20:39; 36:21,22; 39:7,25; 43:7-8; Amos 2:7)

So the ones who are taking possession of this gracious gift of inheritance are those who adhere to and love the sacred Name YaHUaH. For example:

“For ELaHYM shall save Tsiyon (Zion) and build the cities of Yahudah. And they shall dwell there and possess it, AND THE SEED OF HIS SERVANTS INHERIT IT, AND THOSE WHO LOVE HIS NAME DWELL IN IT.”Tehillim (Psalms) 69: 35-36

The Psalms had a clear understanding when they wrote:

“For You O ELaHYM, have heard my vows; YOU HAVE GIVEN ME THE INHERITANCE OF THOSE WHO FEAR YOUR NAME…” Tehillim (Psalms) 61:5-8

And Sha’ul (Paul) who said his hope was that “each one of you show the same eagerness”; Ib’rim (Hebrew) 6: 10-12 “your work and labour of love towards HIS NAME” which we have as an anchor of LIFE(verse 19)


5 Replies to “Who is taking possession of the gracious gift of inheritance?”

  1. Shalom Charl – Praise be to YAHUAH ! May I ask you about getting baptized; first I repent of all my sins (transgressions against the Torah) and then get baptized by full immersion. What is the correct calling on the names ? I get baptized in the Name of YAHUAH the Father, YAHUAH the Son and YAHUAH the Ruach? I am alone with my “belief” where I live therefore I do the baptism all on my own. I would be glad to get some help in this matter which is so much important to me because I would love to have a “right standing” before YAHUAH the Almighty.
    Marlise HUBLER, Switzerland

    1. Hallelu Ab YaHUaH! (Praise Father YaHUaH) Finally somebody SHOUT His Name revealed! All three bear the same name! the “Stone” which the builders rejected, consist of two words put together, “AB” meaning Father and “Ben” meaning Son therefore His words, ‘I and my Father are One (echad)’ This brings me joy! Marlise you are not alone and certainly not a problem by taking this active step of obedience on your own (Do not delay). We are living in New Zealand (immigrants from South Africa) and would’ve love to be of assistance however living this far apart I can however recite the blessing (in all sincerity) over you – “YaHUaH bless you Marlise Hubler and guard you Marlise: YaHUaH make His face shine upon you Marlise, and show favour to you Marlise, May YaHUaH lift up His face upon you Marlise and give you peace Marlise.”

      “Thus they shall PUT MY NAME on the children of YShRAL, AND I MYSELF SHALL BLESS THEM.” The blessing is connected to His Name and not to a title! No more Jewish, Rabbinical, Christian and Messianic’s traditions alike, of substituting the Name with Adonai or Lord. Note ALSO that YaHUaH does not command the kohanim (priests) to bless the people using their own words, but rather provides the exact formulation for the blessing, prefacing the instructions with the words: “This is how you bless the children of YShRAL.” This reveals that the blessing comes from YaHUaH Himself, and WE are but the means of transmitting His gracious will. This is further indicated by the verse that immediately follows the birkat kohanim: “Thus they shall PUT MY NAME on the children of YShRAL, AND I MYSELF SHALL BLESS THEM.”

      I am currently finalising the revised version of Reinstating the key of knowledge (2nd edition) and will soon be launching its PDF so make sure you stay tuned, perhaps join me on facebook and connect also on my facebook page entitled Reinstating the key of knowledge where you will be informed. Glad you made contact and feel free to share your thoughts, comments or remarks and equally share with family and friends as in “Hebrews 6:10-12” ShaLUM!

    1. A very warm welcome to you Mose Solarz, and may I remind you that times of REFRESHING may come from the PRESENCE of the Master, and that He may send YaHUShA the-Anointed who has been appointed FOR YOU. The heavens must receive Him UNTIL the time of the RESTORATION of ALL things which the Master announced long ago through His set apart prophets. ShaLUM to you and yours!

    2. Also in reference to your comment “about this paragraph,” It is clear from reading the Scriptures that when Zacharias was filled with the Set Apart Spirit, he prophesied, saying, ‘Blessed be the Master, the Most-High of YShRAL, for he has visited and REDEEMED HIS PEOPLE; and has raised up a horn of salvation (metaphor pointing to our beloved) for us in the house of his servant DaUD as He spoke by the mouth of his Set Apart prophets who have been from of old, “salvation from our enemies, and from the hand of all who hate us; to show mercy towards our fathers, TO REMEMBER HIS SET APART COVENANT, THE OATH WHICH HE SWORE TO ABRAHAM, OUR FATHER, to grant to us that we, being delivered out of the hand of our enemies, SHOULD SERVE HIM WITHOUT FEAR IN SETAPARTNESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS BEFORE HIM ALL THE DAYS OF OUR LIFE.” Therefore – go in the way of the Master!

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