We know Ya’aqob wrestled with ELaHYM, and so ELaHYM said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.” But he [Ya’aqob] said, “I am not letting You go UNTIL You BLESSED me!” So I believe ELaHYM gave Ya’aqob a hint as to what needed to be asked in order to be blessed by setting an example “So He [ELaHYM] asked him, “What is YOUR NAME” and he said, “Ya’aqob.” “And He [ELaHYM] said, “Your name is no longer called Ya’aqob, but YShREL because you have strived with ELaHYM and men, and have overcome.” So notice what happens in the following verse (29), “And Ya’aqob asked Him [ELaHYM]…” A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION! Hardly anyone today ask it of ELaHYM…, he asked Him:


And if you would like my take on why ELaHYM would respond, “Why do you ask about MY NAME”, I would say it is because ELaHYM wanted to know if Ya’aqob understood the importance of what’s in a name! “AND HE BLESSED HIM THERE”! This is WHY He states much later, “Thus they shall PUT MY NAME on the children of YShREL, AND I MYSELF SHALL BLESS THEM.” The blessing is connected to His Name and not to a title! No more jewish, rabbinical, christian and messianic’s traditions alike, of substituting the Name with Adonai or Lord! Note ALSO that YaHUaH does not command the kohanim (priests) to bless the people using their own words, but rather provides the exact formulation for the blessing, prefacing the instructions with the words: “This is how you bless the children of YShREL.” (Numbers 6:23-27) This reveals that the blessing comes from YaHUaH Himself, and WE are but the means of transmitting His gracious will. This is further indicated by the verse that immediately follows the birkat kohanim: “Thus they shall PUT MY NAME on the children of YShREL, AND I MYSELF SHALL BLESS THEM.”

IF you want a blessing, start acknowledging His Name! START REINSTATING the key of knowledge – His Name as did Messiah YaHUShA (Luke 11:52/Yochanan 17:6)

When Mosheh saw the burning bush and heard the voice of ELaHYM, one of the first things he did was ask a very important question. Probably the most important yet hardly any one today would ask that very same question. He asked ELaHYM, “What is Your Name?” ELaHYM answered and said, “אהיה אשר אהיה”  (“AHaYaH ASheR AHaYaH”) this phrase is commonly translated as “I am who I am” and so a lot of people regards it as His Name, but the term is a first person future tense conjugation of the verb “to be”. Therefore “AHaYaH ASheR AHaYaH” more literally means something like, “I will be, who I will be” or “I will be, who you will come to know me to be”, i.e. the one to lead you out of Mitsrayim (Egypt) as an explanation or meaning of His name ( יהוה ) which were only given in the following verse (verse 15) where He states “this is My Name forever, and this is My remembrance to ALL generations” It would also be good to look at Berashith (Genesis) 4: 26 in regards to Shamoth (Exodus) 3: 15

Many people do regard the phrase “אהיה” (“AHaYaH”) to be that Name due to the phrase, “I am (“AHaYaH”) has sent me to you.” BUT CAREFULLY note that He said, “(((THUS))) YOU SHALL SAY” (verse 14) and “(((THUS))) YOU ARE TO SAY” (verse 15) so in context Mosheh had to go to the YShRELites and say (i.e. Thus you shall say”) “I am [ who? ] YaHUaH ELaHYM of your fathers… has sent me to you.” “AHaYaH” merely means “I am”. The Question must be, “who?” and he gives the answer in verse 15: “YaHUaH” i.e. stating “I am YaHUaH” – ELaHYM of your Fathers”

Words such as Yireh, Rapha, Shalom, El Shaddai, ELaHYM, Adonai etc. ARE NOT His names, they are attributes of or titles pertaining to His Name and therefore to Him.

You may be a father, husband, pastor, writer, teacher, etc., but none of these are your names. We have only one name which identifies us and which is used on all legal documents pertaining to us. YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 9: 6 says; And His Name (singular) shall be called: Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty ELaH, the Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Clearly Scripture is teaching that within His One Name – YaHUaH, each one of these attributes is hidden. His Name (YaHUaH) shall be called, or contain all these wonderful characteristics. “Wonderful” is not His Name, but His Name – YaHUaH is wonderful! “The Mighty EL” is not His Name, but YaHUaH is the Mighty EL.



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