The Good News of the Kingdom PART 6


“And the disciples came, and said unto him, ‘WHY SPEAKETH THOU UNTO THEM IN PARABLES?” Mattithyahu (Matthew) 13: 10

A “parable” is a CODED message! Now did you know that Scripture teach us that the Torah is taught as a parable? And remember how Ephraim regarded the Torah as “strange things”, see Hoshea 8: 12

“My people, ((give ear)) TO MY TORAH, ((incline your ears)) to the words of my mouth. I OPEN MY MOUTH IN A PARABLE; I UTTER RIDDLES OF OLD, which we have heard and known, for our fathers have related them [parables & riddles out of Torah] to us. We do not hide them [parables & riddles out of Torah] from their children, relating to the generation to come THE PRAISE OF YaHUaH!” Tehillim (Psalms) 78: 1-4

i.e. Messiah taught in PARABLES & RIDDLES from the Torah, “and He did not speak to them (crowds) WITHOUT A PARABLE, so that what was spoken by the prophet might be filled, saying, I SHALL OPEN MY MOUTH IN A PARABLE, I shall pour forth what has been hidden from the foundation of the world.” And to answer the disciples question of WHY SPEAKETH THOU UNTO THEM IN PARABLES, He said this, “because it is given unto you to know the MYSTERIES of the kingdom of heaven, BUT TO THEM IT IS NOT GIVEN.”Mattityahu (Matthew) 13: 11

Those regarding the Torah as “strange things”(Hoshea 8: 12) will not have an understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom of YaHUaH. And this is evident amongst those who can’t make out heads nor tails of Ephraim and Yahudah. How can anyone even begin to teach the mysteries or parables that has but everything to do with a TWO HOUSE RESTORATION (Yahudah and Ephraim) if not understanding Ephraim and Yahudah?!

It is also important to note that the phrases “Kingdom of Heaven”or “Kingdom of ELaHYM” or “Son of man” and “Son of ELaHYM” are Scriptural Torah terms referring to YaHUaH, i.e. the “Kingdom of YaHUaH” or the “Son of YaHUaH”.

Continuing on to Matthiyahu 13: 12 “For whoever possesses,[parables & riddles out of Torah] to him more [parables & riddles out of Torah] shall be given, and he shall have overflowingly;[parables & riddles out of Torah] but whoever does not possess,[parables & riddles out of Torah] even what [parables & riddles out of Torah] he possesses shall be taken away from him. BECAUSE OF THIS I SPEAK TO THEM IN PARABLES, because SEEING THEY DO NOT SEE, and hearing and THEY DO NOT HEAR, NOR DO THEY UNDERSTAND.”Mattithyahu (Matthew) 13: 12-13

My response would be that there is none so blind as those who will not see and there is none so deaf as those who will not hear. But who are they that try and follow the ways of YaHUaH but do not hear? Ephraim chastise Yahudah (Jews) for not SEEING Messiah and Yahudah chastise Ephraim for not SEEING Torah as Good News. “Hear, ye DEATH; and look ye BLIND that ye may see. WHO is BLIND but MY SERVANT? Or DEATH, as my MESSENGER THAT I SENT? Who is BLIND as he that is perfect and blind as YaHUaH’s servant? Who gave Ya’aqob for a spoil and YShREL to the robbers? Did not YaHUaH, He against whom we have sinned? For THEY would not walk in his ways NEITHER WERE (((THEY))) [Ephraim & Yahudah] OBEDIENT UNTO HIS TORAH.” Yeshayahu 42: 18, 19 and 24

So being NOT obedient to the Torah, YaHUaH revered to (((THEM))) as being BLIND and DEATH! WHICH IS WHY HE FOUND FAULT WITH (((THEM)))! He found fault with both houses, Ephraim and Yahudah! And so they will not be able to see, nor be able to hear UNLESS THEY begin to be OBEDIENT to Torah. For the Yahudim it is to acknowledge that Messiah YaHUShA WAS SENT as mentioned in Torah (Debarim [Dueteronomy] 18:15-22) and therefore will truly follow Torah. And Ephraim need to acknowledge the Written Torah given by YaHUShA referred to as the “good news” (Ibrim [Hebrews] 3: 6, 7) or “living words” (Ma’asei [Acts] 7: 38-39). It is important to note that Messiah YaHUShA rules over a REDEEMED house of Ya’aqob for ever, for it is written, “And He shall reign over the (((house of Ya’aqob))) for ever; and of His Kingdom there shall be no end.”Luke 1: 33

A redeemed house of Ya’aqob will acknowledge that YaHUShA came as prophesied in Debarim (Deuteronomy) 18: 15-22 and also acknowledge that the Torah is “living words” brought “in His right hand”.Debarim (Deuteronomy) 33: 1-4 And the redeemed house of Ya’aqob will “not hide them [parables & riddles out of Torah] from their children”, because ALL parables YaHUShA gave us in the New Testament directly points to the things pertaining to the Kingdom of ELaHYM “THE PRAISE OF YaHUaH” but also “AN INHERITANCE OF THE ASSEMBLY OF YA’AQOB.”Debarim (Deuteronomy) 33: 1-4

There is a theme in Scripture that always demonstrates His unabashed love for the house of Ya’aqob who became YShREL His chosen. YaHUaH teaches His chosen with words that always have the same theme and pattern. The TWO Sticks of Yehezq’el (Ezekiel) are coming TOGETHER! “He who scattered YShREL gathers him (Ephraim and Yahudah)Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 37: 15

TWO houses, TWO opinions, TWO spies, TWO sons, TWO olives, TWO olive trees, TWO loaves, TWO lamp stands, TWO branches, TWO witnesses, TWO prophets, TWO fishes etc. Once the pattern is acknowledged just as the sages of old did, the learning becomes less of a mystery and the religion of it melts away into a continual stream of teaching and instruction, as Messiah taught when He opened their UNDERSTANDING in the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings explained in Luqas (Luke) 24: 44, 45. It is also important to note that Messiah said, “You do ERROR, not knowing THE SCRIPTURE nor the power of ELaHYM.”Mattithyahu(Matthew) 22: 29 In the context, the word “SCRIPTURES” referring to the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings, because there were no New Testament Writings at the time He said it! This further proofs that anyone who is trying to interprate these parables or mysteries from only having an understanding of the New Testament Writings will do ERROR! Now if we want to have an accurate PICTURE of understanding YaHUShA’s ministry and each PARABLE and/or MYSTERY found in the FOUR Besorah’s, we better look at each COULOUR (CMYK its called in printing) separately but synchronized them all together to view in perfect coulour! The idea is to look at the FOUR Besorah’s (CMYK) Mattityahu, Marqos, Luqas and Yochanan, separately but synchronized them in order to understand each parable and/or mystery in full coulourly view.



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