The Good News of the Kingdom PART 5

Now we are going to put a great deal of study into the Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom because off its significance why ( יהושע ) YaHUShA died on the up right stake! The book of Hoshea is devoted and dedicated and prophesied mainly to the Northern Kingdom. It was prophesied of their judgement and off their restoration and redemption and it is all personified in a marriage that took place between Hoshea and Gomer as we are told in Hoshea chapter 1: 3. There were three children from this marriage that are mentioned by name and the first one are named YZRA’EL (Hoshea 1:4) which means, “ELaHYM will sow” or rather “ELaHYM will scatter” and this is the judgement of the Northern Kingdom that they will be scattered after they left the Covenant Torah!

The Hebrew word ( יןרעאל )YZRAEL meaning “EL ( אל ) will sow” as appose to

The Hebrew word ( ישראל )YShREL meaning “overcome with EL( אל )” or “rule with EL ( אל )”.

And the Second child (Hoshea 1: 6) from this marriage were ( לארחמה ) “LORUHaMaH” and Lo in Hebrew means “not” and RUHaMaH means “mercy” so the second child was named “No Mercy”! And the third child (Hoshea 1: 9) from this marriage was named ( לאעמי )“LOAMI” and Lo in Hebrew is “Not” and Am means “people” and Ami is “my people” so the name of the third child is “not my people”. So when the ELaHYM of YShREL said unto you that He is not going to give you mercy and you are not my people then those are not good words to hear. However in giving the condemnation He ends with a promise of hope and restoration and it is found in Hoshea 1: 10 “yet the number of the children of YShREL shall be as the sand of the sea, which is not measured nor counted. And it shall be in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ they shall be called, ‘You are the sons of the living El.’”

So where exactly is it said that “you are not My people“? In the previous verse (Hoshea 1: 9) – “LOAMI” hidden in plain site. And who are the Sons of the living ELaHYM? It is the believer in Messiah YaHUShA as we can see in Yochanan 1: 12: “but as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of ELaHYM even to them who believe on His Name.” So again we see another prophecy and promise that the Northern Kingdom will believe that YaHUShA is the Messiah! And after they received Him as the Messiah we continue in verse 11 “And the children of Yahudah and the children of YShREL shall be gathered together, and appoint for themselves ONE head, and shall come up out of the earth, for great is the day of YShREL!” And this prophecy gets fulfilled during the time of “Ya’aqobs trouble” (see PART 2) “Oh! For great is the day, there is none like IT. And IT [the day] is the time of Ya’aqob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of IT “[out of the tribulation].Yirmeyahu 30: 7

Now Kepha (Peter) wrote to the Northern Kingdom in exile and he said this: “you also, as living stones, are being built up, a spiritual house, a set apart priesthood, to offer up spiritual slaughter offerings acceptable to ELaHYM through YaHUShA Messiah” continuing on to verse 10, “who once were NOT A PEOPLE, (LOAMI) but now the people of ELaHYM; who had not obtained compassion, but now obtained compassion” referring back to Hoshea 1: 9, 10 and 2: 23! Who did not obtained mercy? Who were not a people? The answer is simple, the Northern Kingdom! And how can we further prove that Kepha wrote to the Northern Kingdom? Notice what Kepha wrote in Kepha Aleph (1 Peter) 1:1-2 and especially 5: 13, “The at Babylon [Southern Kingdom] elected together with you [Northern Kingdom], solutes you…” It was the Southern Kingdom Yahudah that were in exile in Babylon. Notice also Kepha’s words in Kepha Aleph (1 Peter) 2: 9, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a set apart Nation, a peculiar people” because those are the exact words that were used for the “house of Ya’aqob” at mount Sinai”

Kepha (Aleph (1 Peter) 1: 18, 19) wrote unto them saying, “Forasmuch as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things as silver or of gold from your vain conversations received by TRADITIONS from your fathers”“traditions from your fathers” referring to the Rabbinical Oral Law, what we call the Mishna or Talmud that is refered to as tradition! Note also what it says about the Mishna or Talmud – “from your vain conversations”. He also wrote to them and said, “You WERE as sheep that go ASTRAY”, how did they go astray? They broke the Covenant, by following man made traditions, not obeying Torah and so they were scattered “but are now retured unto the Shepherd and Overseer of your Souls”(Kepha Aleph (1 Peter) 2: 25)

i.e. they have returned to the law giver! The words from the prophet Yermeyahu 50: 6 says the following, “My people have been LOST SHEEP; their shepherds have caused them to GO ASTRAY” continuing on to verse 17, “YShREL is scattered sheep, … first the king of Assyria has devoured him”. Sha’ul wrote to the Northern Kingdom in Rome and he has the following to say, “Even us [Southern Kingdom] whom He has called not of the Yahudim only but also of the GENTILES” immediately continuing on in verse 25 “AS HE SAYS ALSO IN (((HOSHEA))), I will call them MY PEOPLE which were NOT MY PEOPLE [“LOAMI”] and her beloved which was not beloved.” Here Sha’ul is referring back to Hosea 2: 23 and he is quoting Hoshea 1:10 in Romans 9: 26. The context of the word “GENTILES” here is the Northern Kingdom, because the book of Hoshea wasn’t written to Gentiles but to the Northern Kingdom! Now Sha’ul is going to explain in Romans 10 and 11 how the Northern Kingdom when they receive Him as the Messiah has a mandate to provoke the Southern Kingdom or what we call “Yahudah” to jealousy.

“But I say, did not YShREL? First Mosheh said, ‘I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are NOT A PEOPLE (“LOAMI”) [referring to Hesea 1:9] and by a foolish Nation [i.e. those who left the Torah] I will anger you”

Sha’ul was explaining the prophecy given in Debarim (Deuteronomy) 32: 21. What Sha’ul was hoping for was that the Yahudim brothers would be jealous of his ministry bringing “gentiles” (Northern Kingdom Ephraim) in great numbers into the faith of YShREL following Torah once again, as foretold by the prophet Hoshea; where the “GENTILES” get to the “nuts and bolts” of the Hebraic roots of their faith in YaHUShA the law giver. The “jealousy” and “emulation” Sha’ul speaks of (Romiyim (Romans) 11: 13,14), is not of Yahudah (Jews) being jealous of the salvation of gentiles, but of his ministry for the Nations, bringing them into the faith of YShREL – Torah followers as foretold by the Prophets. There is no reason that Yahudah (Jews) would be jealous of any faith “conversion” issues outside of the Torah-based faith of YShREL.

Sha’ul even made this remarkable statement when he said, “But Yeshayahu is very bold and said, ‘I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not of me” he is quoting Yeshayahu 65: 1 in Romiyim (Romans) 10:20. Sha’ul then go on to say, “has YaHUaH cast away His people Yahudah” [Southern Kingdom?] (Romiyim (Romans) 11: 1) “ELaHYM forbid! For I also am an YShRELite, of the seed of Avraham of the tribe of Binyamin” so he identifies himself with the Southern Kingdom Yahudah! Binyamin is one of the two tribes of the Southern Kingdom! Continue on to verse 11 and 12, “have they [Southern Kingdom] stumbled that they should fall? Let it not be! But by their fall deliverance has come to the nations,[assimilated Northern Kingdom] to provoke them[Southern Kingdom] to jealousy. And if their [Southern Kingdom’s] fall is riches for the world, and their [Southern Kingdom’s] failure riches for the nations [assimilated Northern Kingdom], how much more their completeness!” i.e. how much more when Yahudah does however believe that YaHUShA is the Messiah! “For if their [Southern Kingdom] casting away is the RESTORATION to favour of the world [assimilated Northern Kingdom], what is their acceptance [i.e. accepting/believing that YaHUShA is the Messiah] BUT LIFE FROM THE DEAD?” What is this “life from the dead”? Sha’ul is explaining Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 37:12-14 when the dry bones will come back to life! And lead the Nations back to YShREL from where they have been scattered.

With this in mind, let us turn to the book of Yirmeyahu where he explains that the “house of Ya’aqob” is likened to an OLIVE TREE. And we are grafted into this green olive tree according to Romans 11. Yet more confirmation that you cannot see yourself out side this camp of sheep fold (house of Ya’aqob” or “Ya’aqobs trouble”).

“YaHUaH called (((your name))) a GREEN OLIVE TREE, fair and of goodly fruit; with the noise of a great tumult he has kindled fire upon, and THE BRANCHES OF IT ARE BROKEN.” Who is this green olive tree who has broken branches? The answer is given in the following verse (verse 17) “For YaHUaH of hosts WHO PLANTED YOU [Northern Kingdom & Southern Kingdom] has pronounced evil against YOU [Northern Kingdom & Southern Kingdom] for the evil OF THE (((HOUSE OF YShREL ((AND)) OF THE HOUSE OF YAHUDAH)))…”Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 11: 16,17

So the question is, ‘How are these branches (NATZARIM) going to be mended? That’s what Sha’ul explains in Romans chapter 11, through the redemptive work of YaHUShA the Messiah. Sha’ul explained how there is going to be a redeemed “house of Ya’aqob” believing that YaHUShA is the Messiah, consisting of “Wild Branches” AND “Natural Branches”. The “house of YShREL” and the “house of Yahudah” are the olive tree that were planted and consider to be the “Natural Branches” and off their branches a fire was kindled upon.

A non physical descendant of Avraham, who is a believer in YaHUShA the Messiah would be consider to be part of the “wild branches” and grafted into the branch of the redeemed house of YShREL. But ALL need to be mended back to the original Olive tree! Now grafting can only be done by reasonably closely related plants. And in most cases, one plant is selected for its roots [YaHUShA the Messiah] and this is according to Wikipedia encyclopedia called the stock or rootstock. The other plant is selected for its stems, leaves or flowers,(note Yochanan 15: 5) and according to Wikipedia encyclopedia it is called Scion. Interesting to note that Wikipedia use more or less the same term “Scion” as those words of the prophets (“Tsiyon” / “Zion”)when they refer to the redeemed house of Ya’aqob.

Now many people realise that when YaHUShA died on the up right stake that He brought about a new Covenant. But what they don’t realise is that this covenant was ONLY made with the “house of YShREL” and the “house of Yahudah”!

“See, the days are coming, declares YaHUaH, when I shall make a renewed covenant with the HOUSE OF YShREL AND THE HOUSE OF YAHUDAH” Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 31:31

Which is REPEATED in Hebrews chapter 8: 8, “For finding fault with THEM, He says, ‘See the days are coming’ says YaHUaH, when I shall conclude with the house of YShREL and with the house of Yahudah a renewed covenant”. I want you to notice to whom the ELaHYM of YShREL found fault with? The answer is “THEM”! Christianity preach that He found fault with the Law, the problem is the Law, so according to Christianity Messiah YaHUShA did away with the Law. Scripture doesn’t say He found fault with the Law, it says He found fault with THEM! Scripture do however say that “the Torah (Law) of YaHUaH is (((PERFECT))), BRINGING BACK THE BEING” Tehillim (Psalms) 19:7

Because their hearts were stubborn, “a stiff-necked people always resisting the spirit of the ELaHYM”! The Spirit who gave THEM the Law (Torah) on how to live our lives according to a saved or redeemed people! In the book of Hoshea 8: 12 we read how “Ephraim made many altars to sin, altars shall be unto him to sin. I [YaHUaH] have written to him [Ephraim] THE GREAT THINGS OF MY TORAH, but they were counted as a strange thing.” And so many people to this day regards the Torah as a “strange thing” and stay away from it. I will share with you the GREAT THINGS OF HIS TORAH in PART 6, but for now let us focus our study on the covenant that was made with the house of YShREL and the house of Yahudah. Now if this covenant was only reaffirmed with the house of YShREL and the house of Yahudah, does this then mean that non physical descendants or rather wild branches of nature that are not of either YShREL or Yahudah physical descendant cannot be atoned for? Certainly not! They to can come into this covenant because the family of Messiah is a congregation of firstborns! Which is not based upon genealogy! You do not get into His Kingdom because you are a physical descendant, “But as many as RECEIVED HIM, to them He gave the authority to become children of ELaHYM, TO THOSE BELIEVING IN HIS NAMEYohanan (John) 1: 12

“As for the sons of Re’uben the first born of YShREL, he was the firstborn, but because he profaned his father’s bed, his birthright was given to the sons of Yoseph, son of YShREL, so that the genealogy is NOT LISTED ACCORDING TO THE BIRTHRIGHT”Dibre haYahmim Aleph (1 Chronicles) 5:1

And so believers in Messiah according to Sha’ul in Hebrews chapter 12: 22-23 that came unto mount Tsiyon (Zion) [Redeemed] is called a people or congregation of FIRSTBORN! YOU MUST HOWEVER START TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ACCORDING TO THIS COVENANT THAT WAS MADE WITH THE HOUSE OF YShREL AND THE HOUSE OF YAHUDAH. The problem is however, that most people from the Northern Kingdom does not believe to express their faith in Him by follow Torah (His set of Commandments) the covenant and most people of the Southern Kingdom do not believe in YaHUShA as the Messiah! And so the “house of Ya’aqob” is divided. So how is this problem going to be resolved? It is prophetically given to Eliyahu! It is the ministry of Eliyahu that brings everything together!

In Mattithyahu 17: 10-13 the disciples asked Messiah saying, “WHY THEN say the scribes (Malachi 4: 4, 5) that Eliyahu must first come?” Notice Messiah’s answer to them (verse 11), “Eliyahu truly SHALL [future tense] first come, and RESTORE ALL THINGS”. Do you realise you can’t restore something unless it once was, but it is not and you want to bring it back to the way it was? So what WAS when Ya’aqob was not divided? And what IS the message of Eliyahu? The Answer:

“REMEMBER THE TORAH OF MOSHEH, My servant, which I commanded him in Herob for all YShREL [ALL twelve tribes as well as the stranger that sojourns with you] laws and right rulings. See I am sending you Eliyahu the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of YaHUaH. And he shall TURN [STRONGS 7725] the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, LEST I come and strike the earth with utter destruction.”Mal’aki (Malachi) 4: 4-6

But why is it that YaHUShA first say, “Eliyahu truly SHALL [future tense] first come”, and then one verse later He says “But I say to you that Eliyahu HAS ALREADY [past tense] come” – where it is said that “they understood that He spoke about Yochanan the immerser.” So I would like to submit unto you that Messiah was explaining to them that the ministry of Eliyahu HAS ALREADY come and is in the earth since Yochanan the immerser. Why? Because Yochanan and those teaching the people to “REMEMBER THE TORAH OF MOSHEH” have the very same message as Eliyahu. Yochanan constantly reminded the Yahudim’s to “REMEMBER THE TORAH OF MOSHEH”, by saying, “REPENT, for the reign of the heavens has come near!” Why? “Repent”[STRONGS 7725] means turn back, turn around, or return! And the question aught to be; “to what?” The answer is simple: To the TORAH of YaHUaH, His laws and right rulings! And so there is a voice in the earth today that believers in YaHUShA the Messiah should express their love for Him by following Torah because Messiah YaHUShA after all was the Law giver (Ya’aqob [James] 4:12) and commanded us to keep His Father’s Commandments. MattithYAHU 19:17; 5:19; Luqas 10:28; 16:17; Yohanan 12:50; Hazon (Revelation) 22:14

And there is a prophecy and promise that the “house of Ya’aqob” will be restored and reunited, again following Torah! “And you, son of man, take a STICK for yourself and write on it,” the word “stick” in Hebrew is עץ (Ate) which means a “tree”, so the prophecy is to take one tree for yourself and write on it, ‘For Yahudah and for the children of YShREL, his companions.’ Then take another STICK (or Tree) and write on it, ‘For Yoseph, the stick (tree) of Ephriam, and for all the house of YShREL, his companions.’ [i.e. take the olive tree whose branches are broken] “Then bring TOGETHER for yourself into ONE STICK and they shall become one in your hand.”Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 37: 16 Continuing on to verse 24, “while Dawid My servant is sovereign over them”, that is a term for the Messiah, as He is the Son of Dawid, “And they shall all have ONE SHEPHERD and walk in My right rulings and guard My laws, and shall DO them.” And that is to follow Torah!

And so the ultimate end result of the events of the end of days has the purpose of fulfilling why YaHUShA died on the upright stake, which is the gathering of the exiles of YShREL, Him being the Good SHEPHERD. So before you think that these are prophecies and promises made for some other group of people and that it is all about “them”. I have shared with you a fair amount of detail, the role of Messiah YaHUShA who died on the upright stake to gather the exiles of YShREL and the New Testament Scriptures that relate and pertained to it, because I want you to understand that these prophecies is about YOU. You need to see yourself part of this sheep fold! And so every time you read the “house of Ya’aqob” in Scripture, you have to realise it pertains to YOU as it is a term to referred to both Ephraim and Yahudah, NOT only to Yahudah (Jews) as most people read on the surface.

“And He [Messiah YaHUShA] shall reign over the house of Ya’aqob forever, and there shall be no end to His reign.” Luqas 1: 33



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