The Good News of the Kingdom PART 1

Let us focus on the most important verses relating to the Good News of the Kingdom and why is it so important;

“The Good News was the Reign of ALaHYM [^1] AND FOR THAT REASON HE WAS SENT.” [^2]

“And this Good News OF THE REIGN shall be proclaimed in all the world AS A WITNESS to all the nations, and then the end shall come.” [^3]

In order to understand the Good News, one would need to understand the REIGN and in order to understand the REIGN one would need to understand the “house of Ya’aqob” because “Messiah will only REIGN over the house of Ya’aqob and of this REIGN there shall be no end.” [^4] Unfortunately for many, He will not reign over the house of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Catholics or any other.

And so we were explicitly told by ( יהושע ) YaHUShA to proclaim the Good News, which is – you’ve guessed it – “the Reign of ALaHYM” [^5] and THAT is our “great commission”. It is found in Mark 16 where YaHUShA said,

“Go into all the world and PROCLAIM the GOOD NEWS to every creature. He who has BELIEVED and has been IMMERSED, SHALL BE SAVED, but he who has not believed shall be condemned.” [^6]

So in order to be saved, one must BELIEVE the GOOD NEWS, PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS and be IMMERSED in the GOOD NEWS which is – you’ve guessed it – “the Reign of ALaHYM” This Reign has but everything to do with the house of Ya’aqob. In a traditional “Christian” mindset, the definition of the “Good News” (Besorah) is an explanation of why YaHUShA died. Explaining to the people why He had to do that, is what they call the Good News. That being the case. Let me ask you, “why did YaHUShA die on the up right stake?” Most probably the answer you are going to give me is “So that you and I could have forgiveness of our sins. And by repenting of our sins, that we can spent eternity with Him.” And that is absolutely a hundred percent true, HOWEVER, that is only PART OF THE TOTALITY of the reason of why He had to die on the upright stake. So that explanation is a hundred percent true, BUT not a hundred percent of the reason why He had to die. And in order to understand the second coming which has but everything to do with the REIGN of ALaHYM, we need to have a more fuller understanding of why He had to die on the stake. So please allow me to show you the reason, the more fuller or complete understanding, according to the disciple YaHchanan. Now according to YaHchanan, YaHUShA said;

“I am the good SHEPHERD: the good SHEPHERD gives his life for the SHEEP.” [^7]

Him giving His life for His sheep (for His people), is Him dying on the upright stake. He repeats it in verse 14, “I am the good SHEPHERD and know my sheep and am known of mine. As the Father knows me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life FOR THE SHEEP.” So in explaining His death on the stake, He is explaining the need for, in the context of Him being the “GOOD SHEPHERD” to gather the SHEEP. It is PARAMOUNT that we Scripturally define who the SHEEP are! IT IS WRITTEN;

“How he had wrought his signs in Mitsrayim (Egypt) and his wonders in the FIELD of Tso’an (Zoan). [^8] continuing on to verse 52, “Then made his own people (YShRAL) to go forth LIKE SHEEP, and guided THEM in the wilderness like a flock.” [^9] When YaHUShA made the statement that He is the good shepherd, that he has to lay down His life for His sheep. In stating that He is a good shepherd, He is relating back to YehezqAL: [^10]

He is making an allusion to YehezqAL chapter 34 in the prophecies found there, where the ALaHYM (Strong Authority) of YShRAL says, I am the good SHEPHERD, I am going to be a good shepherd to my people YShRAL and I am going to bring them back, I am going to gather them from the Nations where they have scattered. In that very chapter it reads how there is an condemnation against the SHEPHERDS of YShRAL. Against the people who is teaching the ALaHYM of YShRAL and His Kingdom. And the condemnation is they are not teaching His people the remedy for their problem, THE REASON WHY THEY ARE EXILE INTO THE NATIONS. And why are we exiled into the nations?

“And the word of YaHUaH came unto me, saying, “Son of man, prophecy AGAINST the SHEPHERDS of YShRAL, prophecy, and say unto them, Thus says YaHUaH ALaHYM unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of YShRAL that do feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?” [^11]

And because the shepherds are NOT feeding the flocks, His people are scattered into the nations. [^12] And they were scattered because there is no SHEPHERD… i.e. no one who feeds them, or at least the right message! THEREFORE, when YaHUShA said, “I am the good shepherd”, He is making an allusion to the prophecy in YehezqAL (Ezekiel) 34: 13 WHERE THE ROLE AND THE TASK OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD IS TO – “GATHER THE EXILES OF YShRAL!”

“For thus saith YaHUaH ALaHYM; Behold, I [YaHUaH], even I [YaHUShA], will BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP and seek them out.” [^13]

Notice who has the task to GATHER THE EXILES OF YShRAL! When YaHUShA is saying, “I am the shepherd”, He is also saying He is THE “I” or the “I AM” as referred to in the above given verse! And what does the good shepherd do?

“And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from thee and will bring them to their own land and feed them upon the mountains of YShRAL by the rivers and in all the inhabited places of the country.” [^14]

SO THE TASK OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD IS TO GATHER THE EXILES OF YShRAL! Therefore, once YaHUShA says in YaHchanan 10: 14 that, “I am the good shepherd” He goes on to explain, He is going to gather the exiles of YShRAL and THAT IS WHY HE IS GOING TO DIE ON THE UPRIGHT STAKE. In YaHchanan 10:16, YaHUShA is speaking to the Pharisees who happened to be from the tribe of YaHUDaH (nick name Jews) and He says to them, “Other SHEEP I have which are not of this fold” [^12] i.e. not of the fold of the tribe of Yahudah. He is speaking to the house of Yahudah who comes from the Southern Kingdom and He is explaining that He has another sheep fold besides them. It is PARAMOUNT that you understand who the other sheep fold are. It’s the Northern Kingdom, Ephraim! It’s the “house of YShRAL”, or the “house of Yoseph” or the “house of Ephraim”, all referring to the same fold, known as the TEN TRIBES of the Northern Kingdom! And this is what He says about the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom: “them also I must bring and they [Ephraim] (((will ))) hear my voice” He says that those of the Northern Kingdom who were scattered (((will))) believe that He is the Messiah, and the ultimate result once they do is: “and there will be ONE FOLD”, that is the reunification of the two houses of YShRAL the house of Ephraim and the house of Yahudah, “and there will be one shepherd.” [^15]

YaHUShA obviously being the shepherd over the 12 tribes (both Ephraim and Yahudah) reunited, after they have been brought back from the land(s) where they have been scattered. So in stating that He is the good shepherd, and that there is going to be ONE FOLD a reunification of the twelve tribes, He is going to be the good shepherd over them; He says in YaHchanan 10:17, “THEREFORE, my Father love me because I lay down my life that I might take it again.” He is stating that He is dying on the upright stake, for the purpose of gathering the exiles of YShRAL! Now let’s look at YaHchanan (John) 11: 49-52, which says;

“And one of them, Qayapha (Caiaphas) being high priest that year, said to them, “You know naught [my response will be, “as many of you also”!], neither do you consider that it is better for us that one man die for the people than that the entire nation should perish. But he did not say this from himself, but being high priest that year he prophesied that YAHUShA was about to die FOR THE NATIONS, (((and not for the nation’s only))), BUT TO GATHER TOGETHER INTO ONE THE CHILDREN OF ALaHYM WHO WERE SCATTERED ABROAD.”

Too many people are stuck in a rut and ONLY CONSIDER THE NATIONS, but notice how it says, “not for the nation’s only”. Cause let me tell you the nations involves far more than most people read on the surface, which I will explain in part 5, but for now, let us focus on the “children of ALaHYM who were SCATTERED ABROAD”. It was the Northern Kingdom and they are in many instances referred to as the “house of YShRAL” or as “Ephraim”, or the “house of Yoseph” or “Sameriah” because the Capital was in Sameriah. And in order to understand most of the prophetic books such as YirmeYaHU (Jeremiah), YshaYaHU (Isaiah) etc. it’s best you get yourself acquainted with these terms. Now let me give you a quick History breakdown: It is interesting to note that King David ruled over ALL twelve tribes of YShRAL and at that time YShRAL was the worlds super power. However, after King Dawid; YShRAL did not obey YaHUaH and so the Kingdom was divided! Northern Kingdom, and Southern Kingdom.

The Southern Kingdom was made up of the tribes of Benjamin, Yahudah, and the Levites dispersed among those tribes.
The Northern Kingdom was made up of the tribes of Asher, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulon, and the Levites dispersed among those tribes.

In the Southern Kingdom the tribe of Yahudah became dominant. Thus the Southern Kingdom became known as the “Kingdom of Yahudah”. In the Northern Kingdom, the tribe of Ephraim became dominant. The YShRALites, therefore, came to be associated with either Yahudah or Ephraim. 2 Kings 17 tells us how the Assyrian King Sargon II took the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom captive in around 722 BCE and resettled them that “none was left except the tribe of Yahudah”. [^16]

“And the children of YShRAL walked in all the sins of Yarobam which he did. They did not turn away from them.” continuing on to verse 23, “untill YaHUaH removed YShRAL from His presence, as He spoke by all His servants the prophets. SO YSHRAL WAS EXILED FROM THEIR LAND TO ASHSHUR, AS IT IS TO THIS DAY.”

M’ShaH the servant of YaHUaH forewarned them of this; “And it shall be WHEN YOU DO (((NOT OBEY))) the voice of YaHUaH your ALaHYM, to guard to do ((all)) His commands and His laws which I command you today, that ((all)) these curses shall come upon you and overtake you.” [^17]

“And YaHUaH shall SCATTER YOU AMONG THE PEOPLE, from one end of the earth to another, and there you shall serve other mighty ones, which neither you nor your fathers have known, wood and stone.”

Now please read with me Melakim Bet (2 Kings) 15:29 where it states, “In the days of Peqah sovereign of YShRAL, Tiglath-Pileser sovereign of Ashur came and took Iyon, and Abel Beyth Ma’akah, and Yanowah, and Qedesh, and Hatsor, and Gil’ad and Galil(Galilea), all the land of NAPHTALI, and took them into exile to Ashshur (Assyria). This explains how the Northern Kingdom YShRAL was taken into Assyrian captivity and in 2 Kings 24: 10 and 15 states how the Southern Kingdom Yahudah was taken into Babylonian captivity. The Northern Kingdom was exiled among the Gentiles (nations) and were cut off and “removed from the covenant(s) of promise” [^18] and became Gentiles.
Hoshea 8:8 explains: “YShRAL has been swallowed up. They now become AMONG THE NATIONS as a vessel in which is no pleasure.” Notice also, they are regarded a vessel in which there is no pleasure when they are among the Nations. It’s only years later, around 586 BCE when the Southern Kingdom Yahudah were sent into captivity in Babylon and it was during that time that the pagans began to ridicule them. The Babylonians knew they were called “YaHUdim”, from the tribe of YaHUDaH ( יהוךה ), bearing the Name of (יהו) “YAHU”, their ALaHYM. To ridicule them these pagans began to call them Yahoo’s. Hearing the Name blasphemed (treated commonly) on the lips of pagans was so offensive, the name was avoided completely. Over time, it became an offense worthy of death by stoning for pronouncing the name aloud, except by a Kohanim (priest) and by doing so they took away the KEY OF KNOWLEDGE as said by YaHUShA. [^19] And so they favour instead a term Yudah (Judah) rather than to hear the “YAH OO” treated commonly and it’s from there, many years later where the English word Jew derived from. So often people use the word Jew, in their minds they are synonymously referring to ALL YShRAL, which is not true. The term Jew only refers to ONE of the twelve tribes of YShRAL called Yahudah. History sketch how some of Yahudah (Southern Kingdom) return to the promised land YShRAL, but Ephraim (Northern Kingdom) was LOST! Now, who is able to RESTORE the tabernacle of Dawid which has fallen? That which once was ONE nation.

“And for THIS reason YaHUShA was sent” [^20]

“The Son of Adam has come to SEEK and to SAVE WHAT WAS LOST.” [^21]

“And He answering and said, ‘I was not sent EXCEPT TO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF YShRAL” [^22]

A wonderful prophecy given in the book of YeshaYaHU 49: 5,6 regarding YaHUShA’s role in the restoration process:

“And now said YaHUaH, who formed Me [YaHUShA] from the womb to be His [YaHUaH’s] Servant, to bring Ya’aqob [referring to all 12 tribes] back to Him, through YShRAL [Southern Kingdom] is not gathered to Him yet I [YaHUShA] am esteemed in the eyes of YaHUaH, and My ALaHYM [YaHUaH] has been My [referring to YaHUShA’s] strenght – and He [YaHUaH] says, ‘shall it be a small matter for you [YaHUShA] to be My Servant to raise up the tribe of Ya’aqob [all 12 tribes], AND TO BRING BACK THE PREFERRED ONES OF YSHRAL?”

YaHUShA was sent to gather the LOST SHEEP of the house of YShRAL and make them ONE with the house of Yahudah.

“And I am no more in the world, but they are in the world, and I come to You. Set-apart Father, guard them IN YOUR NAME [YaHUaH] WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN ME, so that THEY MIGHT BE ONE, as we are” [^23]

So that THEY ALL MIGHT BE ONE, as You Father are in ME and I in You, so that they too might be ONE IN US, so that the world might believe that You have sent Me. And the esteem which You game Me I have given them, so that they might be one as we are one.”  [^24]

So the prophecy and promise is that YaHUaH is going to bring them back and unified them! And He is telling us this not only in YaHchanan chapter 10 but also 11, and THAT IS WHY HE DIED ON THE UPRIGHT STAKE!

“And other sheep I have which are not of this fold – I have to bring them as well, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”  [^25]

“And I shall make them (((ONE NATION))) (((in the land))), on the mountains of YShRAL. And ONE sovereign shall be sovereign over them all [over all 12 tribes] and LET THEM NO LONGER BE (((TWO NATIONS))) and let them no longer be divided INTO (((TWO REIGNS))).” [^26] [Northern Kingdom & Southern Kingdom] YaHUShA died for the two houses of YShRAL to make a RENEWED Covenant with them! Very few people realise that Sha’ul taught on this subject, the reuniting of the 12 tribes of YShRAL.

“And now I stand and I am judged for the HOPE OF THE PROMISE made by ALaHYM to our fathers, to which our twelve tribes, earnestly serving ALaHYM night and day, EXPECT TO ATTAIN. Concerning this expectation, O Sovereign Agrippa, I am accused by the Yahudim”  [^27]

The 12 tribes “hope of the promise” which they “expect to attain”(future) is none other than the reuniting of the 12 tribes of YShRAL. Kepha (Peter) also wrote to the 10 lost tribes of YShRAL.

“Kepha, an emissary of YaHUShA Messiah, TO THE CHOSEN STRANGERS OF THE (((DISPERSION))) in Pontos, Galatia, Kappadokia, Asia, and Bithunia, chosen according to the foreknowledge of ALaHYM the Father…”  [^28]

THEREFORE, when we are giving a teaching on the reuniting of the 12 tribes of YShRAL referred to as the “house of Ya’aqob” and we are explaining how ALL THE EVENTS of the end of days has the end purpose of gathering the exiles of YShRAL, we are sharing with you (((THE))) Good news of the Kingdom. I like to submit unto you that it is PARAMOUNT that every believer in YaHUShA as the Messiah understand this important concept. Now I wish to draw your attention to YaHUShA’s words in Luqas 11:23, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.” It stand to reason that those who do not have the message of gathering “the lost sheep of the house of YShRAL” are “scattering” and worse yet, “against” YaHUShA. And UNLESS we understand this Good News of the “hope of the promise” which WE “expect to attain”, we might as well forget to teach others on the subject of Scriptural prophecy as it pertains to the Good News in every way! It is time for some too fast and pray and spent some time with the taught ones as Sha’ul did [^29] to get a refreshed understanding of this important concept.

In closing PART 1;

“For this is My blood that of the RENEWED Covenant, which is shed for many for the forgiveness of sin”  [^30]

For finding fault with THEM, He says, ‘See the days are coming,’ says YaHUaH, ‘when I shall conclude with the house of YShRAL [Northern Kingdom] and with the house of Yahudah [Southern Kingdom] a (((renewed covenant))), not according to the covenant I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand [i.e. spoon fed them] to lead them out of the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt), because they did not continue in My covenant, and I disregarded them,’ says YaHUaH. Because this is the covenant that I shall make with the house of YShRAL after those day,’ says YaHUaH, ‘giving My laws in their mind and I shall write them on their hearts, and I shall be their ALaHYM, and they shall be My people.”  [^31]

The renewed Covenant is all about the Torah written on our hearts and Minds. And when it is written on our hearts and minds, the Word says we shall DO THEM, AND GUARD THEM. Not toss it away as most people do.

“And I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. And I shall take the heart of stone out of your flesh, and I shall give you a heart of flesh and put My Spirit within you. AND I SHALL CAUSE YOU TO WALK IN MY LAWS AND GUARD MY RIGHT RULINGS AND SHALL DO THEM.”  [^32]

So how did YaHUShA begin the restoration process in His first coming? He preached: (((REPENT)))! “From that time YaHUShA began to proclaim and to say, “Repent, for the REIGN of the heavens has drawn near.” [^33]

“REPENT” means to “turn back”, “turn around” or “return”. The Psalms 19: 7 says; “The Torah of YaHUaH is perfect, BRINGING BACK THE BEING, the witness [referring to YaHUShA] of YaHUaH is trustworthy, making WISE the simple.” And how does YaHUShA “making wise the simple”?… by saying REPENT – return to My Torah which is perfect! The trustworthy servant of YaHUaH called Messiah YaHUShA proclaimed,

“The WISE in heart accepts commands, but one with foolish lips fall” [^34] or

“The TORAH of YaHUaH is perfect…making WISE” [^35] and

“He who keepeth the TORAH is a WISE son”  [^36]

YaHUShA is the Word, the Torah made flesh. He came to demonstrate HOW TO “walk in YaHUaH’s laws”, HOW TO “guard YaHUaH’s right rulings” and HO TO “(((DO))) THEM”. YAHUSHA COMMANDED US TO KEEP HIS FATHER’S COMMANDMENTS. [^37] In fact, He was the perfect law abiding example, [^38] and will therefore be opposed by the Man of LAWLESSNESS (i.e. Torahlessness) prior to His return. [^39] YaHUShA did not abolish the Torah, He gave us an opportunity to REPENT (RETURN) to the Torah! The Torah is a Marriage Covenant between YaHUaH and His Bride, YShRAL! It was because Ephraim had left the Torah / marriage Covenant, that YaHUaH divorced them in the first place. [^40] The very reason we are scattered among the nations. So the task of the Good Shepherd is to gather the exiles of YShRAL!


1. Before we continue, I wish to give you some “insight” to the word “ALaHYM” ( אלהים ), as used throughout the Scriptures which is the plural of the Hebrew word “AL” ( אל ) which was unfortunately substituted ( not translated ) in many English translations as “God” and “ELohim” in modern Hebrew. The descendants of Esau take it for the Name of the most high but in retrospect its merely pertaining to a title of the most high and therefore unfortunately dismissed by many due to ignorance. The “Aleph” ( א ) is the first letter of the Alephbet (Alphabet) and in Ancient Hebrew pictographic script written in the form of an ox head representing the “strength” of the ox and the “Lamed” ( ל ) in the form of an shepherd staff representing “authority” since Hebrew is a “doing” language it’s not so much representing the staff itself, but more however what it represents or what it does. In Ancient times, a king would wear the horns of an ox as a sign of his strength and carry a staff (sceptre) as a sign of authority. When the meaning of both these pictographic letters are combined the original definition of the word “AL” is found as “one of Strength and Authority”. And so YaHUaH said unto M’ShaH, “See I have ‘nathan’(strongs H5414) GIVEN YOU ALaHYM unto Pharaoh:…” Exodus (Shemoth) 7: 1 He has GIVEN him WHAT? The answer: “ALaHYM”. He has not MADE him a “God” unto Pharaoh but rather GIVEN HIM “ALaHYM” unto Pharaoh. Thus M’ShaH (Moses) wanted surety, thus YaHUaH said, “What is it in your hand?” ( Exodus 4:2,3 ) and he said, “A staff” an ordinary staff given to M’ShaH turned it into an instrument of power and authority (the Aleph). But what about the horns or the “ox head” representing the strength of the ox? Carefully note: “And it came to pass when M’ShaH came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of the testimony in M’ShaH’s hand, when he came down from the mount that M’ShaH knew not that THE SKIN OF HIS FACE SHONE by reason of his speaking with him. And when Aaron and all the children of YShRAL saw M’ShaH, behold, THE SKIN OF HIS FACE SHONE; and they were afraid to come nigh him.” ( Exodus 34: 29,30 ) According to the above verse, there was a physical change in M’ShaH which created fear in the people. In the English one might think it was just light coming off him that generated this fear? But the Hebrew says something different! “Skin of his face” is a poor translation. The Hebrew word “shone” is “qaran” which literally means “to have horns” representing the “strength” of the ox as YaHUaH promised He will give! He promised M’ShaH “ALaHYM” – the “ox head” and the “staff” not just the staff! Interestingly, many paintings and sculptures of M’ShaH depicts him with horns. Could it be that Michelangelo and others had some sort of “insight” which has gone forgotten in modern times? Since there are other Hebrew words meaning “to shine” and if that was what the author had intended, he would have used one of those. Instead he deliberately chose to use the word “qaran” to show M’ShaH was indeed one of “strength and authority”! This is a good example to show how translators have deliberately departed from the original intent, perhaps out of fear not to offend the Western reader or simply to translate the text in a manner that could makes sense to them. No matter what their motives was, I believe YaHUaH the real author was pretty sure about which words He wanted to be used, so with that in mind, I hope you will enjoy this teaching with clarity and thirst for more insight and understanding and in the same be made white and refined. In closing, the prophet Dani’AL said, “And those who have INSIGHT shall shine like the brightness of the expanse and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever” and a few sentences later he said, “Many shall be cleansed and made white and refined. But the wrong shall do wrong – and none of the wrong shall understand, BUT THOSE WHO HAVE INSIGHT SHALL UNDERSTAND!” 

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7 Replies to “The Good News of the Kingdom PART 1”

  1. Charl, this writing is wonderful! More than that, so needed and I pray with all my heart that these writings get into the hands of many, many people. The Work of YaHUaH throughout history with mankind – RESTORATION! Anyone who is not gathering – is scattering. We need to understand this so badly and I believe we will as we get to doing the Work of YAHUsha. All my life I have never understood the verse “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’ but now I finally do because of the understanding that is brought through teachings such as what you are done here. It is just like Elazer and Revkah, the Ruach and the Bride. They both – together- watered the 10 camels and gave them to drink!
    YaHUaH Bless you so richly – as He already has and continue His Work in and through you!!

  2. And He (YaHUshA) said to them (His Disciples), “Therefore every scholar [of Scripture] taught in the reign of the heavens is like a householder who brings out of his treasure [matters], renewed, and old.”

  3. 2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
    In the Spirit there is Liberty.
    Interesting how in 2 Cor 3:6 shows how the Spirit brings life, but the letter kills.
    Interesting how 2 Cor3:7-11 shows how the old has past away, and how the new is more glorious.
    Interesting how Gal 3 speaks of how the law came to an end in Christ.

    Do I then want to be married to the law. no. I want to be married to Christ for in Him (according to His words: I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me) I am on my way to the Father.

    1. YaHUaH didn’t bring the YShREL’ites out of Mitsrayim (Egypt) which means “slavery/bondage” to put them back into “slavery/bondage” or under a curse when He gave them the Torah as most people would like to believe. Scripture cannot say one thing here and something to the contrary somewhere else. I believe the Psalm’s to have had the Spirit of the Lord when they wrote, “The Torah of YaHUaH is perfect, bringing back the being” (Tehillim /Psalms 19: 7), its only the hearts of the people who aren’t perfect, always resisting the spirit of ELaHYM who gave us the Torah, therefore Ya’aqob said, “But he that looked into the perfect Torah, THAT OF FREEDOM(Liberty), and continues IN IT, not becoming a hearer that forgets, BUT A DOER OF WORKS, this one shall be blessed IN HIS DOING OF THE TORAH.” (Ya’aqob/James 1: 25) The problem WAS and the problem STILL IS to this very day the hearts and minds of the people, who cannot see the Old Covenant / Torah for what it is (“living words”). Carefully notice: “This is that Mosheh who said to the children of YShREL, YaHUaH your ELaHYM shall raise up for you a prophet LIKE ME [like Mosheh] from your brethren. Him you shall hear. This is he [Mosheh] who was in the assembly in the wilderness with the Messenger [referring to Messiah YaHUShA] who spoke to him on Mount Sinai,[i.e. YaHUShA the law giver as confirmed in Ya’aqob / James 4:12.] and with our fathers, who received the LIVING WORDS [i.e Torah is living words] TO GIVE TO US [that’s right, “us”, the Torah was given to us!], unto whom our fathers WOULD NOT BECOME OBEDIENT, BUT THRUST AWAY, and in their hearts they turned back to Mitsrayim (Egypt).”(Ma’asei / Acts 7: 37-39) The question is, ‘Are we obeying our heavenly Father’s “living words” or are we looking for excuses like “our fathers” to turn back to Mitzrayim (Egypt)? Now carefully notice 2 Corinthians 3: 14-16, “But their minds were hardened, for to this day, when the old covenant is being read, that SAME VEIL remains, not lifted, because in Messiah IT [referring to the veil] is taken away. But to this day, A VEIL lies on their hearts. And when one turns to the Master, the VEIL IS TAKEN AWAY.” It’s only in the Master that we can see the Torah / Old covenant for what it is! We should turn to the Master (and only THEN will the VEIL will be lifted) who said, “For IF you believe Mosheh,[Torah] you would have believe Me, since He wrote about Me. But if you DO NOT BELIEVE HIS WRITINGS [Torah] HOW shall you believe My words?” (Yohanan / John 5:45-47) The problem was and always is the hearts and minds of the people. Therefore the writer of Hebrews (8:8) confirms when he said, “For finding fault with THEM…” but according to brother Jurie, and traditional Christianity, ELaHYM found fault with the Covenant and therefore “replaced it” with the new. YaHUaH certainly didn’t find fault with the Covenant(Torah) because that would certainly mean He find fault with Himself who gave us the Torah. “For finding fault with THEM…”, He found fault with the “hearts” and “minds” of the people, therefore: “A NEW HEART also will I give you, and a NEW SPIRIT WILL I PUT WITHIN YOU: and I will TAKE AWAY THE STONY HEART out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I shall put My Spirit within you, AND CAUSE YOU TO [what?] (((WALK IN MY STATUES))), AND YOU SHALL [what?] (((KEEP MY JUDGMENTS))) and [what?] (((DO THEM)))! YehezqEL/Ezekiel 36: 26-27 The very reason He gave us the Set Apart Spirit was to give us the desire to keep His Torah, the very words Mosheh received from YaHUShA, and then gave unto us. For those who have a relative good translation such as the King James we find the word covenant in ITALICS. For when we read in Hebrews 8:13, “In that he says, “A new covenant,” He has made the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away,” the translators were pointing out that the word “covenant” is not found in the original text. They were making an assumption or guess as to what the text were implying therefore placing the word covenant in ITALICS. But reading it WITHOUT the word “covenant” it clearly reflects Yehezqel 36:26-27 “A NEW heart”!

      1. Well said Charl Hattingh, that’s why Romans 12;1 speaks about be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds

  4. Does the scriptures tell us why we are here. I know that Yahuah is our creator and that we were created for His love and pleasure. But did something happen when war broke out in heaven that Yahuah created us to be here on earth. Did we disobey Him and that is why we were put here to love and obey Yahuah or to follow ha shatan?

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